Problem with our hallways

By: Greg Giavasis

We all know the feeling. You’re walking to class when you arrive at a crowded hallway. People are moving in all directions, and some people are not moving at all. You try to get to class but you can not, now you’re going to be late. This is becoming a common problem across the school.

The hallways are continually getting backed up during bell changes. They become unorganized and congested. This is causing people to be late for classes and creating excess noise in classrooms. 

One area causing problems is the C hallway and the Main hallway. There are many channels of traffic traveling in every direction, which is an inefficient system. Along with that, people stand in the middle of the hallways, not moving. Both of these instances cause backups in the hallways.

Another area of concern is the bridge.

“The bridge is very crowded, and I have to push through people that are walking slow,” sophomore Megan Harms said. 

Students coming to and from the commons often causes traffic on the bridge.

“There are people who stop in the middle of the hallway to see their friends, and it’s annoying,” sophomore Keira Derbyshire said.

Staff at the high school have been trying to help the situation. You will now see staff members monitoring parts of the hallways. However, their efforts are largely ignored. The hallways continue to be unorganized and loud. 

  One possible solution is to establish areas where people can meet, aside from the hallways. That would stop people from standing in the middle of the hallways not moving. Another solution is to make lanes in the hallways to speed up traffic.

The staff and students need to agree on a solution to fix our current hallway problem. Until a solution is set the halls will be backed up and students will continue to be late for class.