Back to school- later in life

After high school people goto college. However, life sometimes gets in the way. Some can not afford it, it may not be a good fit, people might not need it for their ideal job and others may start a family early and have to leave. 

Things happen but some people go back decades later to finish their education. 

Second year Ross College student and mother Shannon Crowl is one of these people. 

After high school, Crowl’s parents sent her off to college. 

She attended for a while, but eventually decided to continue on with other things in her life and dropped out.

Time went by and her life continued. She got settled down with a husband and a few children.

“People settle. It’s not a bad thing and I’ve been very lucky to have in a way lived many lives in just one, between being a stay at home mom, working, and now being a student,” Crowl said. 

One day, she brought up the idea of going back to school to her husband.

“It took some time but we eventually agreed that it would be a good idea,” Crowl said. 

After some discussion and a whole lot of number crunching, Crowl quit her job so she would be able to focus on school.

“So after I left my job I had a lot of free time before school started and I decided to redo the bathroom to say busy,” Crowl said. 

After the bathroom was complete, she went off to college for a second round. This time she was attending for something she knows she loves. 

“I wanted to be able to do a job that I would feel better about. And also I wanted to set a good example for my kids,” Crowl said. 

Crowl believes that education is important and wants to make sure that her daughters have a great one. She figures that by going back to school, she is giving them no choice but to do the same. 

Crowl will be graduating this year. Just in time for her oldest daughter and GlenOak senior Brair Crowl to take her place in college.