First week of online learning

Junior Tyler Shapiro working on his online classes while on corona break.
Junior Tyler Shapiro working on his online classes while on corona break.

Learning from home is not the same. Some students would even say it is worse than being at school. It is harder to learn things alone rather than having a teacher, who is a professional in their respected subjects, teach the material to students. 

Learning from home is hard for many reasons. Students do not have the face to face accessibility they may need when doing assignments. Yes, there is great technology today where with one click of a button you can reach out to a teacher via email or whatever use of communication. That does not mean a teacher will reply right away. 

Everyone has a life outside of school, including teachers. Some may have children that they must take care of while everyone is home, students cannot always expect the teacher’s to be able to respond to students right away if they have questions. 

This poses a problem because high school students can sometimes lack motivation to do their schoolwork. If a teacher is not there to help guide you through classroom material then we could have some problems begin to generate. 

“Online schooling is a little tough getting used to the transition of things,” junior Brooke Pope said. “Not having the teacher right there to ask questions is tough.” 

Another problem facing online schooling is that students may not do the work. It is the spring and the weather is starting to become nice outside, a lot of students might feel like this is spring break and not take the online assignments seriously. 

“Unfortunately I do not think students will do it; they just believe that this is an extended spring break,” junior Zachary Geiger said. 

The first week of online learning is and will be different from the continuous weeks of online learning. It was a week where students mainly turned in missing work to get their grades settled for the end of the third nine weeks. 

“I feel that the first week of online learning is going well because kids are still turning in and making up stuff for the third nine weeks,” junior Alexandra Cirese said. “I do not feel that a lot of kids will continue online learning for long as it makes learning more of an option.”

Without the classroom aspect there is really no way to enforce that learning happens. It is going to be hard to force students to learn from home, especially those not interested in school or their classes. 

“Learning outside the classroom is going to be hard. Especially for some of my classes that I was forced to take and actually have no interest in,” junior Landon Sumor said. 

The first week of online learning has gone well overall. This relied heavily on the third nine weeks ending though. Most students would rather be in the classroom and finish the school year out normally than be stuck at home learning by themselves.