How teen jobs are affected by COVID-19

The Corona virus or COVID-19 has caused a bunch of panic throughout the community. For many people the possibility of losing their job is terrifying. Their job may be their only source of income and they are using the money they are earning to save for the future.

Teens’ that have jobs are worried about if they will get less hours, being laid off or even contracting the virus because they need to work. 

Numerous jobs are taking the right protocols to make sure everything is as sanitary as possible to keep employees and customers safe. 

“They’re making sure that we wash our hands a lot and keeping everything sanitized,” sophomore and Sonic employee Noelle Meister said. “If we aren’t feeling well, they are very okay with us staying home and the same if our parents don’t want us to work.” 

Other places are taking the same actions. 

“We have to wipe down everything every 30 minutes,” senior and Panera employee Tobie Duffie said. 

Even places with drive thrus take the same precautions. 

“We wash our hands in between every transaction and clean everything constantly,” sophomore and The Human Bean employee Ella Watson said. 

Jobs also shut down dining areas per Governor Dewine’s orders. So now they are relying on takeout and delivery options to get food to their customers. 

“People can only pick up food and or we deliver it,” said Duffie. 

Other places get outside delivery services to deliver their food like Uber Eats, GrubHub, and DoorDash. 

“It’s mostly online and Uber, GrubHub, and DoorDash orders,” said junior and Tropical Smoothie Cafe employee Lauryn Cope. 

Many restaurant employees are worried about not having enough sales because of the virus, but some say that their sales have not really been affected at all. 

“Business has slowed down during our usual lunch hour, but dinner still is the same and we’re making our target number of sales every day,” said sophomore and Best Burger employee Andrew Wells. 

However, other teens with jobs are worried about their jobs and how they might be affected. Cope is worried about the possibility of losing her job because of the decrease in sales; however,  it is normally a slow season for her employer.