AP on lockdown

Pictured above: AP detailing how tests will take place.

 Throughout the past few weeks, many things have changed including the way students are able to learn and take exams. 

     One of the stressful things with taking exams when you are an AP(Advanced Placement) student in high school is the level of preparation and stress that one can experience before taking the test. 

      The AP exams begin in May of each year. Normally, each exam is about three hours long and depending on what class you take it consists of a multiple choice section and two to three writing sections. 

      The students take the class for a full school year and study the material on the test. By taking the test they could earn college credit depending on their score, ranging from one to five. One being the lowest and five being the highest.

     This year however, due to the coronavirus and self isolation students are unable to take the exams at school. 

    Instead of just canceling all of the exams, the College Board has decided to create a new format that will allow the students to take the exams at home and will also be open note.

     The setup is shortened to 45 minutes and will only consist of multiple choice questions and one to two free responses.

    ¨I think it’s great we have the opportunity to take the test at home, it takes a lot of stress away¨, said sophomore and AP U.S. history student Gracie Dyer.

     Many students are looking forward to taking the exam at home and for only about an hour. However, some question what toll this will take on the results and number of students that pass.

     ¨I feel that students’ grades for their AP courses are either going to soar or plummet depending on how they learn,¨ junior Caitlyn Wallace said. 

     All information about the AP exams can be found on the College Board website as well as other news concerning the effects COVID-19 has had on other exams.