How seniors are affected by event cancellations

Pictured above: GlenOak senior Leah Schweizer

Seniors have not gotten the perfect senior year they have all imagined. With Coronavirus taking over much of their final high school semester of their final high school semester and forcing them to do online school, we can see how this really affects these seniors.

Graduation, school trips, sports seasons and prom have been “postponed” or canceled until further notice. Graduation has been moved to June 30th.

“I’m sad that I don’t get to finish my senior year like normal seniors do. You go to school for 12 years just so you can walk the stage at graduation. I understand why it was postponed of course, it is for all of our safety, but it’s still a bummer that everything is changing and we don’t even know for sure if we will be able to have our graduation on the new postponed date,” senior Kamryn Vance said.

Prom and graduation are two very important events. They are both meant to be something you always remember, and the seniors are very concerned about missing out. 

“Not having a prom your senior year would really suck. That’s one of the last times you get to get together with all of your friends and make memories before you are off to college and never speak to half of them again,” senior Leah Schweizer said.

This is now the students fourth week of online school. It is something most students never have experienced and it is especially not ideal for the seniors to be ending their high school career online.

“I honestly really miss going to school. Online school is much more challenging to me, it’s harder to teach yourself the content. Going to school gave me a routine and motivation to do things throughout my day,” Schweizer said.

Two very big trips to be canceled are the Orlando trip with the school’s Chorale and the Germany & Switzerland trip. Many students spent hours fundraising and earning extra money for these trips. Nobody knows if the Orlando trip is refundable yet, but the students that were traveling to Germany have received a voucher to go on another trip or to get a refund of almost all of the money they each spent on the trip.

“I was really looking forward to taking the trip with my friends as a last big experience we shared, and although we aren’t going as a school I’m hoping to go this summer when everything clears up,” senior Taylor Bauttista said about the Germany and Switzerland trip.

Students are disappointed they weren’t able to have these fun experiences with their friends on these school trips. The Germany trip would have taken place just a little over a week ago and the choir students would just be getting back April 7. 

“I am so disappointed that the trip has been canceled for me and thes rest of the seniors looking forward to the best trip of all, but I know that we will all celebrate all of the hard work we have done this year at another time,” senior President of Chorale Colin O’Connor said.

Many seniors are also missing out on their senior season of the sport they participate in such as track, baseball, softball, and lacrosse. While no decision has been made yet on spring sports, the season will be made short.

“I feel heartbroken because this was the season that I was going to put it all out there and end with a bang, so for it to be canceled/postponed, I am losing my chance at districts, regionals or even state,” senior runner Sierra Kieffer said.

For a lot of the seniors it was all about the memories that were to be made. Most of them will never be made up for. You only have one senior sports season, one senior prom and one high school graduation. These seniors are immensely affected by the cancellation of these events or by them being postponed. They still look forward to them and hope they get rescheduled in the near future.