How COVID-19 is affecting senior athletes

Seniors have trained themselves and are getting ready for this year’s spring season of track, baseball, softball and lacrosse. Unfortunately,  the outbreak of the COVID-19 has postponed the spring sports seasons. 

With what Governor DeWine keeps saying, nobody knows what to believe. One time he will say we will all be going back after a three week break. Then it changes to a whole other month and we are not going back after May 1st.

Seniors have made many memories with their teammates and coaches throughout the years, and now they may not get that opportunity again with this being their last year of high school. This is leaving senior athletes to stress if they are going to have a season or not. 

Senior Nik Snyder still has hope that we are going to have a season. He continues to train at the track in the free time he has. 

“As a senior, I have a ton of hope. Pretty much holding onto anything at this point, I’m not ready to accept that I won’t have a senior year,” Snyder said. 

He has a schedule set for what he wants to do each day to keep up in training and keep a balance with school work and just hang around the house. With the schedule he has he stays in shape and doesn’t give up. 

“At least four days of workout, and two of low stress easy runs. One day a week to just hangout and recover,” Snyder said.  

As for training, Snyder relies on what Coach Ferrell is sending everyday for the team. 

While Snyder is frustrated by having his sports season postponed he understands the purpose.

“I think the quarantine is a good idea because I want to get this over with so, if it means not going to school it’s worth it but, the school work isn’t that bad, being a senior there’s not a whole lot to do,” Nik Snyder said. 

While many seniors are concerned with the fate of the sports season Snyder has another message for them. “Just keep your head up, and keep being fast. Best case scenario we go back fast and worst case you’re still in good shape.”