Plain Local School District sponsors food drive

     COVID-19 has been quite a burden on students and their families when it comes to grocery shopping and having to stay inside, but the community is coming together to help with their needs. 

     The virus has affected families all around the world, especially those with an elder or pregnant family member which they cannot put at risk by going outside. 

     Local schools have opened food drives where students can get lunches and groceries can be delivered to their families per week. 

     Mark Parent, who is in charge of Pupil Personnel, has organized this food drive and athletic director, Scott Garcia has also helped to make all donations and the overall drive possible.

     “We are currently providing 750 lunches per day to students and over 400 bags of groceries per week to families in need,” Garcia said.

     Delivering the food instead of having families go to the store can help to lessen the chance of spreading the virus further and getting to those who are more susceptible.

     Garcia has made a point to be at the high school every Tuesday for the next month from the times 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. Here he is accepting curbside drop-offs for their food drive. 

     Some items that can be donated are non-perishable goods such as cereals, instant oatmeal, pastas, canned goods, etc. Other items include, toiletries like shampoo, toilet paper, soaps, etc. 

     With the community coming together with food and other item donations, more families will be able to get the supplies they need especially if they are unable to go out and get these items. 

     “We would like to pull all of our resources together to help provide food and cleaning items for families,” Garcia said 

     This food drive is helping all families and students in need of food, supplies or other items for the families who cannot afford it, or just are unable to leave.