How should grading be handled?

Given the recent changes to schooling there are many debates about how school should work. One of these is if the last quarter of grades should be taken normally as a percent or if a new pass-fail system should be put in.

The way in which a pass-fail system works in why it is important that there is a choice. Once the student passes a  certain percent threshold it decides if they pass or fail. Students may apply for the new grading system or keep with the standard percent and letter grades.

What many Universities in Ohio are doing now is allowing students the option. According to the Ohio State University Office of Academic Affairs, Ohio State students will be presented with the choice to select their grading. 

At Ohio State students decide which system they would like and apply by a certain date. The due date is a few weeks before the end of the semester, giving time for the school to process everything.

Pass-fail is a great opportunity in the fact it can relieve stress off students and should be put into a high school setting. The world in general is stressful right now and not everyone is focused on school. Many students are struggling with the effects of the pandemic and this could help to let them have a better balance. 

Another reason some students may need a pass-fail system is because they can not keep up with the new learning style. Online school is new to most students and may not work as well for them. There is also a lot more work to do. It may help them to not have to worry about keeping up letter grades.

The problem is that it does not have an affect on the GPA of the student. Some students rely on the fourth nine weeks to balance their GPA and raise it higher. This is why the student being able to have the option to continue their typical grading is important. 

If a student is still doing their work they should be able to be proportionally rewarded for it. This is given in a percent and GPA. 

If the Governor decides to implement any form of pass-fail system it is important that students are to request it. Without the option it could do more harm than good. That being said it is a good plan if executed similarly to how the Universities have. 

During this time it is important to be thinking about the possibilities of the future. Students need to be prepared for there to possibly not even be a change. Students should continue doing work as if nothing will change until told otherwise and not count on a new system. This is the best way to keep your grades on track.