Helpful tips to know before College

Will you be a new college student, and are uncertain as to what the college experience will be like? Here are some helpful ideas on how to get ready for this new chapter in life. 

One of the biggest adjustments new college students face is transitioning into a dorm. For many, this can be overwhelming, sharing a space with another person, and scaling down from the room most people are used to.

“At first it was strange to adjust to it, depending on the person, you are kind of forced to have a conversation and to be friends. However, going out and doing things together has helped with the adjustment,” alumna Angela Lewers said. 

Some very helpful items that can help this transition include a printer, fan, laundry bag, mattress pad, under bed storage totes with lids to keep out the dust, and portable three drawer storage. 

Such things help students optimize the limited space in the dorm and create a great atmosphere for living and studying in.

One of the many fears that high school students have going into college is sharing the bathroom with many other students. Some items that are essential for sharing a bathroom are a plastic shower caddy, shower shoes, robe and towels.

 “At first the idea of sharing a bathroom was nerve racking, but when I went to college I soon realized that as long as you are doing your part to keep the bathroom clean, others would do the same.” alumna Maddy Votypka said. 

The most stressful part of the transition might be creating a college schedule. Trying to pick the right classes and not overloading to where students can be productive.

“I am stressed to make my schedule, but luckily I will be able to sleep in with later classes,”  senior Mackenzie Compson said. explains that some helpful tips to planning a college schedule include creating a schedule that works, visiting academic advisers, getting requirements out of the way and maintaining balance.

These helpful tips can help future college students maintain a good balance with their classes and put them on the right track for success in college.

Many of the new college students are scrambling to find all the things required for college. This adds tension, and new students can easily forget about some useful items. 

Concerns that stress the students out are how much clothes to bring, what cooking equipment to take, storage items, and purchasing important things for day to day use.

Preparing ahead of time for many of these concerns can help the process of transitioning into the first of college year.

College is not just an experience of studying, it is where people make memories and meet some close friends.

College offers a lot of clubs that students can enter, intramural sports, fitness classes, academic groups and dorm events where students can meet other people and alleviate stress. 

“Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone in order to join different clubs and activities which are a perfect way to meet new people and make new friends,” Votypka said.

In all, there are many helpful tips new students wish they learned before going to college.