Outdoors during quarantine


The summit aims to get young people together and discuss solutions to plastic pollution in the Earth’s oceans. (Eagle Photo by Brett Dobransky)

Picture above: trees. Eagle photo courtesy of Madison Jabri.

In a time when people are told to stay inside people are still enjoying the outdoors. People are going to parks and walking trails during the quarantine. People are finding ways to enjoy outdoor activities and avoid infection.

Senior Brair Crowl has continued to frequently go on hikes and walks since the beginning of quarantine. 

“I’ve gone on a few hikes at Cuyahoga Valley National Park and walks around my neighborhood,” Crowl said.

Sophomore Rianna Schweikert has gone on a fishing trip with her family during the quarantine.

“Spending time with my family is important even during a pandemic,” Schweikert said. “I feel like it is good to get out of the house and do something different once in a while.”

Nicole Jabri is a mother during the quarantine. She has taken her family to Mary C. Metzger Park’s walking trails.

“I make it a habit to go outside with my family whenever it’s possible,” Jabri said. “We can sit outside our house and watch birds and squirrels or do some gardening. It is a nice break from all the stress.”

During the current pandemic, everyone is constantly reminded to properly social distance and stay six feet apart from each other. 

“I think the amount of time I spend outside is the same as before. I’ve seen a few people while out, but we were already spaced out,” Crowl said.

Jabri had a slightly different experience from Crowl.

“When I was on the walking trail I saw a lot of people,” Jabri said. “I didn’t come into contact with anyone else and I kept my distance. I feel like more and more people are going outside because there is so little to do.”

Crowl, Schweikert and Jabri all agree that going outside can be a fun change of pace that can relieve some of the stress that the pandemic has created. 

“I would say if you want to go outside or you’re going stir crazy to do it just use common sense,” Crowl said. 

Spending time outside during the pandemic can be a good use of time as long as it is done safely.