Volleyball team on the rebound


The volleyball team had a downfall in their first month of playing after they had an exposure to COVID-19. After they were forced to quarantine, the effect changed their appreciation for the sport. 

Ever since Gov. Mike DeWine signed off on school sports to continue after the pandemic’s slow-down, teams across Ohio have gone right back to where they left off. 

The volleyball team, however, had a contact with the virus, and were stopped in their practices as soon as the season had started while other teams across the Federal League had resumed their normal schedules.

“The biggest impact was definitely that most of the other teams we played had already played a lot of games while we were in quarantine, so we were a little behind,” Varsity Junior Megan Harms said.

The person who had the exposure is unknown. But since practices collide with each other often, the players of Freshman, JV and Varsity teams, were quarantined to play it safe..

The quarantine that each team had damaged the teamwork skills and the bonds that the players had with one another on the court. 

“Leaving, our teamwork skills were not the best, but coming back they were even worse,” freshman Sophie Smith said. “Because we stopped communicating over the two weeks, and we also haven’t played, which didn’t help.”

Quarantine did damage to the relationship on the team. However, the Volleyball program has been back for almost a full month now, and they have been growing stronger together while the pandemic was still in full play.

“The pandemic overall has impacted our ability to do ‘team bonding’,” assistant coach Theresa Rhodes said. “But in the same token, going through this tough time together has helped us bond together.”

Rhodes also goes on to explain how she thought of quarantine in a brighter light than most. 

“We tried to look at the time as a chance to rest and recover,” Rhodes said. “The players and coaches have worked to maintain positive attitudes, and to do whatever we have to do to keep our season going.”

Smith also saw the quarantine as a way to ease into her freshman year at GlenOak.

“I got to go into the school year slowly and I got to ease into the school work load, since I only did half the assignments [Green/Gold days],” Smith said. 

The girls of the three teams are now back to a normal playing field, or court.

Sophomore Lydia Ayers explains that it is a marvel and a wonder how well the team is recovering from quarantine, and how lucky they are to play compared to other schools. 

Ayers tells her story of her life on the team thus far, and how this year has shown her that obstacles are inevitable in life. But her team helps her through them all.

“We always talk about how it’s a blessing to be able to play,” Ayers said. “We’re an insanely lucky team to be able to get back and be able to play the sport we all love.”