Golfer Maddie Reemsnyder achieves success


Reemsnyder smiles and waves at other golfers on the course. Eagle photo courtesy of Randy Hahn.
Reemsnyder finishes a stroke as she competes in a golf match. Eagle photo courtesy of Randy Hahn.

Over 100 girls competed in the golf sectional tournament that took place on Oct. 6. The champion of this tournament walks the halls of our school, and her name is Maddie Reemsnyder. 

Like any other athlete, Reemsnyder has had her ups and downs. However, her passion for golf and determination to be the best contribute to her sustained success and set her apart from others. 

Golf is notably a difficult sport that requires training of a specific set of skills. From proper swing technique to mastering the mental aspect of the game, golfers must constantly hone these skills. 

Reemsnyder has been developing these skills since she was 4 years old, when her grandmother first involved her in golf with her older cousin Jessica Hahn. Hahn, an alumni of the class of 2018, was the school’s number one golfer when she was in high school. As soon as she graduated, Reemsnyder arrived and claimed the title. 

For the first eight years of her golf career, Reemsnyder competed in local tournaments and performed fairly well. As she got older and closer to competing at the high school level, her game steadily improved. 

Since she has been playing for so long, there are not many technical things she still needs to learn about golf. Rather, Reemsnyder constantly practices her swing and works on developing the mental side of her game. 

“Maddie is usually very calm and collected, which in golf can make or break your game,” teammate Emma Knisely said. “She also puts in the time. She is always practicing.” 

This work ethic Reemsnyder has developed is a major factor in her success. Reemsnyder currently holds the school record for both 9 and 18-hole competitions, and she hopes to beat her records and win the state tournament next year. 

These successes have not come with ease. Reemsnyder has faced many challenges in her golf career, but they have shaped her as an athlete and improved her mentality for approaching tough rounds. 

“Golf has taught me to never give up,” Reemsnyder said. “I have learned that the birdies are going to come. You just have to calm down, relax and remember to never give up.” 

This mentality has helped Reemsnyder become one of the most accomplished athletes at the school, and recruiters certainly took notice. She recently committed to St. Xavier University for the class of 2026, where she will continue her academic and golf careers. 

“I have known the Xavier coach ever since they first started watching me four years ago,” Reemsnyder said. “I have a great relationship with the team and the coaches.” 

While Reemsnyder has already made plans to play at the collegiate level, she still has one more high school golf season left. Her teammates and coaches are definitely looking forward to all she will accomplish in her final year.