Quarantined students experience stress while out of school


Your phone buzzes. It is the team Remind. Your practice was abnormally canceled with no explanation. You can faintly hear your mom talking on the phone in the other room. She is talking about COVID-19. 

After a while, she comes into your room and explains to you how a teammate of yours, who was unnamed, tested positive for COVID-19. Consequently, you will not be leaving the house for a two week time period. 

Many students are experiencing this phone call from the Health Department all over the high school. The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting dozens of students, and is impacting the negative tested athletes just as much as the positive tested ones. 

Due to COVID-19 contact tracing, students are being forced to learn remotely.. While being quarantined, these student-athletes have been struggling with the workload. Along with the stress of remotely learning, coming back from their COVID-19 shut down experiences has been difficult.

“I hated being quarantined, I felt lonely and it was terrible for my mental health,” sophomore and JV volleyball player Madison Dentler said. 

Many other athletes agreed with Dentler in this case. Remote learning was nothing like they had done before. This made it a very frustrating and a difficult learning experience for everyone. 

“It had a very negative impact on my grades, and I became very behind on my assigned school work, and this was a very hard time for my learning,” sophomore and varsity soccer player Nick Macdonald said. 

Many students did not feel the immense stress until the aftermath of being quarantined. The stress of coming back to school and having to catch up on everything that they missed was extreme. 

“I was more stressed when I came back to school because there was work that was done in class that I had to make up. It was hard because I couldn’t come after school to make it up so I did it during the class period and would miss new material.” senior and varsity volleyball player Emily Wertz said. 

Wertz is not alone with this, and many students have been in the exact same situation. Students also mentioned that they were needing to go to the counselor’s more often. This was even the case with students who admitted to having never gone to their counselor before.

Students who have been quarantined also have many regrets with their COVID-19 learning experience. Students have openly voiced their mistakes they made, and how it affected them. 

“I wish I wouldn’t have procrastinated as much, I felt that since I had so much time during the day at home, I could push things off, and eventually I found myself doing big projects the night before they were due,” sophomore JVA soccer player Bradley Mull said. 

Students also have many tips for the upcoming group of students who may be quarantined due to COVID-19 

“My tip for students who may be quarantined in the future is: stay consistent with work, find a good schedule that works for you, and make sure to work out every day, especially if you are in a sport, to stay in shape,” freshman volleyball player Anna Perticarini said. 

Being quarantined has been a whole new experience for the students at GlenOak high school. Students have been adapting to these changes and helping other students along the way.