Teens across the U.S. ask, who is the Imposter


A new app called “Among Us” has recently become one of the top trends at GlenOak High School. Why has this app become a solid trend?

 Your character in the game and the people you are communicating with is constantly changing, which keeps players intrigued and occupied. 

There are various ways students have discovered the game. Between social media and hearing about it from other peers, the app has spread quickly.

“I found the game Among Us scrolling through TikTok and I decided to download it,” senior Jino Scaglione said. 

The game has 10 people per round. In every round one character is an “imposter”. The catch is that no player knows who the imposter is. The imposter has to secretly kill the other people before they finish their tasks. 

Many students who have played “Among Us” have found the game rather addicting and play very often.

“When I first started playing, it was very fun to play with my friends so we would play very frequently,” senior Sam Oliver said. 

The app has been so popular over the past few weeks that students began to play during class, and teachers have considered using this as an opportunity to learn.  “Students in my class have asked me multiple times to play in class, which I have considered, so I compromised with them and told them that we could play as a class if we played the game in French,” French teacher Julie Filliez said. 

Although many students are still playing frequently, some are curious as to how long the trend will last. Previously, other trends have faded away after a short period of time, but is there a way to keep this game interesting? 

“I feel like the app will become old soon because it can get repetitive, but I also feel like if they added more tasks, and places to go on the app, people would play for a longer period of time and the trend might become more permanent,” Scaglione said. 

Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can decide whether you would want to play a game with your friends all together, or play with random people online, which can be exciting for people. Being able to communicate with people that could be from across the country is very intriguing. 

There is another game that is very similar to “Among Us” that students used to play called “Mafia”. Instead of playing on your device, this game was played in person. The game consists of the same qualities the app does, but you draw out of a bucket to find out if you are a member of the mafia (the imposter) in this game. The game “Mafia” could be one of the reasons why “Among Us” is very popular. 

“I remember playing a game that is related to Among us, called Mafia, and it was very popular,” Filliez said. 

“Among Us” has proceeded to be a hit over the past few weeks, capturing the attention of teens and adults daily. If the creators update the game frequently, it is possible the trend will last even longer than expected.