Many masks, lots of choices


Recently, in our society masks have played a big role in the safety and security of everybody against COVID-19. In these unsure times, the thing you should be the most sure of is the type of mask is best for you based on comfortability, breathability and what matters to you about the quality of your mask.

Disposable masks

Disposable masks are great. they provide a quick and disposable method of mask-wearing and are very efficient to get rid of when you are done with them. Disposable masks are easily adjustable, lightweight and breathable. Many healthcare professionals choose disposable masks because they have been tested to block out about 60 percent of small inhalable particles. 

The problem  I found with disposable masks is that they tend to break easily, they are paper thin and usually,  the strap that goes around your ear is not fastened to the mask very well. The other issue I found with them, is that a lot of air tends to come out the side and top of the mask. If you wear glasses that poses a big problem for you because they will tend to fog up.

Cloth masks

Cloth masks are the mask of choice for many everyday employees for a few different reasons. Cloth masks are breathable and lightweight. Whenever I choose to wear a cloth mask I feel like I can breathe a little bit better and I am not just breathing in my own CO2 all the time. Another great pro about cloth masks is they bring a sort of comfortability to the situation. With your disposable masks they aren’t very comfortable and tend to not fit the best all the time but with a cloth mask it feels very snug and the ear straps tend to be more comfortable as well. The bad thing about cloth masks is that they do not block as many particles as a disposable mask would.

Neck gaiters

Neck gaiters are the most argued upon type of mask, some people think that they are useless and do not provide protection while some people think they are a great choice of mask. Neck gaiters are by far the most comfortable and accessible mask I reviewed so far. They are easy to pull up when needed and pull down to your neck when not needed. Neck gaiters also are very breathable and hug your face so that your glasses fog up less than they would with a cloth or disposable mask. The issue that people have with neck gaiters is that they are not the best for keeping particles in and keeping them out, but if you are looking for comfortability and ease of use then a neck gaiter is a great choice.

Homemade mask

Homemade masks were a great choice when the virus first started when people were not prepared because it was difficult to find masks, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, etc. Some pros to using homemade masks are that they can be whatever design you want them to be and they can be very comfortable if made with your choice of fabric. Homemade masks tend to not last very long because generally they were made quickly and with parts found at home. On top of that, they do not protect you from anything and tend to be the worst kind of mask so therefore I do not recommend homemade masks.