OSU vs. Michigan


The Ohio State Buckeyes vs The Michigan Wolverines rivalry has been going on since 1897. The current record is 58-51-6 in Michigan’s favor. Both teams compete at a high level year in and year out to prove their dominance on the football field. Each football program is one of the best in the nation, between the two schools they have won 19 National Championships and 76 Big 10 Championships. 

The rivalry has been very one-sided in the last 20 years. Michigan has only won three out of the last 20 games. Some people are speculating that the rivalry is not as intense as it used to be because of the recent domination of the Buckeyes.

“At this point it doesn’t even seem like a rivalry anymore. I am fairly confident each year that Ohio State will come out and mop the floor with Michigan,” senior Tyler Shapiro said. “Maybe because I am a teenager and I have only ever seen Ohio State win but twice in my life.”

So far in the 2020 season, Michigan is 2-4 losing to teams like Michigan State and a 1-5 Penn State team. The game this year feels off as Michigan seems to be underperforming, there are talks about Jim Harbaugh, Michigan’s head coach, getting fired and the game is scheduled to be played on December 12th due to COVID-19. 

“I am excited to watch the Ohio State and Michigan game this year but it definitely feels different compared to other years,” Shapiro said. “Michigan has started the season out horribly and they do not seem to be improving. It is also going to be weird to be watching the game in December considering it is normally on Thanksgiving week.”

COVID-19 has made the game and all of college football weird this year and less exciting. Normally the stadiums would be filled with thousands of crazed fans. This year, schools have limited or no fans at the games, which is another reason why the Ohio State and Michigan game will feel different this year. Diehard fans will not be able to represent their team this year at the game. 

“I was born and raised in Ann Arbor. My parents and many aunts and uncles are alumni. I lived in Michigan until 8th grade so I have very strong ties to Michigan,” English teacher Courtney Breon said. “I have been to every home game every season since I was five years old. It is going to suck to have to watch the game from my couch this year.” 

Fans aren’t able to participate in some of the large traditions this year as well. For example, Ohio State has sent all their students home until after the New Year. There will be no crossing out of the M’s on the Ohio State campus which has been a tradition for decades.

The rivalry seems off this year. It is looking like Ohio State is going to dominate Michigan this year, which makes the aspect of the rivalry go down. People are looking forward to a close game with crazy fans and an exciting atmosphere. This year, that is not going to happen.