Students receive Ira Turpin scholarship


Submitting applications to college is only part of the process for seniors. They also have to be on the lookout for scholarships. For seniors Carmyn Grubbs and Amber Bossart, their dedication led them to being nominated for the Ira Turpin scholarship.

According to the Stark Community Foundation website, the Ira Turpin scholarship was created to help minority students that are hard-working and excel in school. The scholarship grants $500 to students who qualify.

“The requirements are typical of most scholarships,” Grubbs said. “Candidates should receive good grades, be involved with their school and community, and preferably have some leadership experience.”

The only means of receiving the Ira Turpin scholarship is through nomination, not applications.

“It is a scholarship that you have to be nominated for by the school counselors,” Bossart said. “They are only allowed to nominate two students each year.”

Grubbs was nominated by counselor Theresa Rhoads for the Ira Turpin Scholarship.

“Rhoads is like my right-hand man and my number one supporter at the same time,” Grubbs said. “I am extremely appreciative of her support and encouragement.”

Being involved in education and extracurriculars helped both seniors in receiving this scholarship. Grubbs attributes this achievement with one word: grit.

“In my opinion, grit is all about persevering through challenges and striving for success regardless of the adversity that may come,” Grubbs said. “There have been countless times where it took multiple days, even weeks, for me to actually understand what I am learning. Fortunately, I have learned that I am unstoppable when I refuse to give up, and this lesson has helped me approach challenges with a positive mindset.”

Both Bossart and Grubbs are looking forward to how the Ira Turpin Scholarship can help them in their educational endeavors, as well as their future careers.

“I am planning on attending Kent State University and majoring in pre-med,” Bossart said. “Being nominated for this scholarship helps me a lot not only because it looks good on a college resume but because I can put it on any other application that I might have to write.”

Grubbs intends to pursue a career in the military.

“I plan to attend a Military Service Academy, either the Coast Guard or Air Force Academy,” Grubbs said. “This scholarship will help me offset the costs of uniforms and other necessary materials at a military service academy.”