ACT Requirements for Local Colleges


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students around the world have been learning to accommodate with different changes based on the global precautions being taken.

 Along with all of the mayhem of different schools and their requirements, there are also current upperclassmen in high school questioning who will be applying to, or moving into college in the next one or two years. 

Because of the rules and regulations constantly changing, students are questioning what colleges are requiring and which schools are still expecting an ACT score in their application. The following information will let students know about the ACT requirements for a number of the popular in-state colleges.

Kent State:

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kent State University has waived all standardized tests from their application requirements. 

Because Kent State recognized the changes in different high schools in their area, they have made multiple changes regarding the pandemic, and application requirements. As well as removing the need for standardized testing, the University has also waived application fees, pushed back the application and enrollment deadlines, and is accepting unofficial transcripts from high school counselors.

The Ohio State University:

Because of the challenges surrounding standardized tests during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ohio State has announced the submission of ACT and SAT standardized tests is optional. Ohio State encourages all students to take standardized tests if they have the capabilities to do so because of the useful information provided from them. 

Although the University sees the importance of standardized tests, all students will receive full consideration in the admissions process. If you are applying to Ohio State University, home-schooled students and those attending non-chartered schools with a non-traditional evaluation will be required to submit standardized tests. 

Ohio University:

Freshman applicants applying to Ohio University have an option as to whether or not they take and submit their standardized test scores. All applicants, whether submitting a test or not,  will be eligible to be considered for University benefits, including direct admission to academic programs, merit-based scholarships, and honors and scholars programs.

 The Ohio University admissions office has made adjustments to ensure that students who are not submitting a standardized test will not be harmed in academic selections of acceptance.