A new face in C210


Walking down the upper C hallway after winter break you may see a not so familiar face in C210. Instead of C.J. Lear, you will see Taylor McIntyre. 

McIntyre is the new government, sociology and psychology teacher. He went to college for his undergrad at Mount Union for his degree in history. Then later got his master’s at Ashland University to get his masters in education. He has recently worked at Portage Lakes Career Center and Region High School. 

Besides teaching, McIntyre has many different other hobbies and interests outside of school. 

“I work at my house,” McIntyre said. “I got a fixer-upper house in Canton a couple of years ago, so I spend a lot of time on that.”

Along with working on his house, McIntyre spends time with the puppy he got over quarantine, watching Cleveland sports and spending time with family and friends. 

“I’m a big Browns fan,” McIntyre said. “I’m a freak about the Browns. I cannot watch the Browns and be a normal human being.”

McIntyre also grew up in North Canton and went to Hoover High School. He ran track in high school, which makes him familiar with some of the coaches here. McIntyre also spent his observation hours with history teacher Ben Hughes. 

Since being at GlenOak, he has found Hoover and GlenOak to be quite similar. 

“My roommate from college went to GlenOak,” McIntyre said. “I knew we grew up learning similarly…when we learned and took notes, we took notes the same way. We learned and studied the same way.”

Now that McIntyre is here, he is excited for his future at GlenOak.

“[I’m excited about] being at a big comprehensive high school with students that wanna be here and watching kids play sports, and doing clubs and activities and stuff like that.” McIntyre said. 

GlenOak has been a way different school then what McIntyre has taught at. 

“I’ve never seen any of that (sports and clubs) at the schools I worked at because they weren’t public schools and they didn’t have sports and activities, so it’s nice getting back to what high school should be like.” McIntyre said.

So if you are ever walking down upper C, you now know who the new face is in C210.