Boys basketball


The boys basketball team had a rough start to their season, being quarantined for the first two weeks. 

Nonetheless, they came out strong for their first games. The team’s record is currently 6-8.

The team has played extremely well this year. Their best game so far was against Hoover. 

“We’ve played some really good teams, but beating Hoover on their home court was a strong win in convincing fashion,” said coach Matt Hackenberg. 

With their current record being 6-8, they are sitting right in the middle of the league. These next few games are very important as far as determining where they end, with eight more games left until the season comes to a close. 

“This year, because of COVID-19, there are no districts; just one big tournament,” said senior Jack Davis. 

This makes a huge difference in how the league works. With just one big tournament at the end of the season, everyone has a chance to win. 

With how strong the basketball team is looking, they have potential to win this tournament. Especially considering they still have yet to play Green and Lake. Both are strong schools which should result in a good game. 

The team has overall stepped up the past few years. Especially this year, considering how COVID-19 has affected nearly everyone on the team. There have been a few individuals who have stepped up.

 “Sam Oliver has turned himself into one of the better guards in the county. Jack Davis has become a very good player on both ends of the court. Brody Gowen is playing very strong on the inside. Alex Laird can play both ends of the court at a high level,” said Coach Matt Hackenberg. Overall, the team has been looking extremely strong this year and that trend will likely continue. 

In all, the boys basketball team has a lot of potential. Everyone should keep an eye on them especially over these next eight games.