Biden’s plan: What Biden needs to do for America


On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th president of the United States. As Biden took office, he became responsible for making the right decisions for all Americans. 

President Biden’s inauguration was one of the most unconventional in history. Outgoing President Donald Trump refused to attend the inauguration and departed Washington earlier that morning. Moreover, much of this year’s inauguration took place virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, in the midst of an unconventional inauguration, Biden’s first 100 days have just begun. The first 100 days in presidency are the most significant for a president.

Biden’s first goal needs to be centered around the COVID-19 pandemic. For over a year, Americans have been struggling and there is no end in sight. The tough times need to be met with some relief with continued spread of the virus. In this respect, the government needs to put together a more substantial stimulus check for American who need it the most.

Additionally, the social injustices occurring in America today need to be addressed by Biden. There is discontentment among millions of people in America who want reform to take place. The government has turned a blind eye to such injustices for far too long, but Biden needs to be the force that alters America forever.

Biden is tasked with fixing one major problem: climate change. Biden plans to rejoin the Paris Climate agreement. A renewable energy transition is included in Biden’s strategy, leading the rest of the world to face the challenge of climate change.

One of the main reasons the younger generation favored Biden is because of his stance on education. Biden’s strategy to tackle educational issues includes forgiveness of student loans, extension of tuition-free schools and universal preschool access. 

For the next 4 years, the decisions and plans of President Biden will affect the American people and could have lasting effects on the country.

Americans will feel a sense of relief if a substantial stimulus check is ordered, allowing many struggling people to get back on their feet. 

However, it does not just stop there, Biden needs to take immediate action to slow down the spread of COVID-19. 

Biden will take the steps required to bring progress without the government turning a blind eye to social injustices. Change is what the American people want, and the government now knows that change is required from the demonstrations that took place. At the federal level, improvements in social inequality arise with legislative changes to generate the change that people need.

Addressing the major problem of climate change will only alleviate the concerns of millions of Americans and help preserve our climate for future generations. It will illustrate the power of the United States to the world by leading the fight for climate change in the world.

One of the key reasons Biden secured the Presidency was due to the support from the younger generation. Regarding this, questions about education have been circling the media for months. The younger generation will be offered the opportunity to go to college for less money and more opportunities to go to college. In order to help ensure a more financially secure future, Biden’s proposal also helps alleviate student loan debt for former college students. These key opportunities regarding education have secured the younger generations support. 

As Americans we urge President Biden to take these appropriate actions to ensure a better America for every citizen.