Roberta Scott Way


Few teachers at GlenOak are as recognizable as then English teacher Roberta Scott. Walking by her classroom, you are likely greeted with a smile and a good morning or afternoon. Though her 35 years of teaching experience speaks for itself, her efforts to better GlenOak continue. 

When able, she attends students’ events, from choir concerts to football games. She takes part in the executive board of the teachers union as well. Scott is a familiar face among students and staff alike. 

While vocal about her love of teaching and English, she is reaching the end of her career. Now, her legacy is immortalized for at least the next year, with the purchase of Roberta Scott Way. 

Each year the GEAA (General Electric Athletic Association) auction raises money for Plain Local’s athletic programs. While consisting of mostly signed sports memorabilia, there is one hot ticket item each year, the stretch of road across campus. The buyer decides the name of this road. Previous names of the road have been Guardado Court, Fox’s Fairway, Paxo’s Parkway and Wackerly Way. 

When asked how she decided to name the road, she explains,

“I wanted Roberta Scott way because it’s always my way or the highway,” Scott said.

The auction went virtual this year in cooperation with COVID-19 guidelines. This resulted in a lower turnout than usual. Items went cheaper than previous years. This was fortunate for the Scotts, as they were able to purchase the road for a fraction of the usual selling point. In previous years, the road has gone for several thousand dollars. 

“This year it was much cheaper, we wouldn’t have bought it if it weren’t for the lower price,” Scott said. 

Considering the auction was virtual this year, the exact price of the road is unknown. While many have asked and speculated, Scott concisely remarks that it was just cheaper than usual. 

The maintenance for Roberta Scott Way is carried out by Plain Township rather than GlenOak. The responsibility of vigilantly patrolling the road is one Scott takes seriously. Scott eagerly asks students if the road needs any plowing or repairs each morning. 

“I actually call the township regarding my road often,” Scott said. 

Scott also explains that the purchase of the road was done to commemorate her time at GlenOak. It seems every year was her ‘last year of teaching,’ but this year it is true. She will be retiring. 

“I’ve already turned in my retirement letter and everything.” Scott said.

Solidifying that yes, this really is her last year of teaching. 

While her quick wit and friendly face will be missed, Roberta Scott Way is the next best thing.