We tried it for you: The Howlin Bird


Do you have a deep love for rotisserie chicken? The Howling Bird is the perfect place for you. It is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in chicken fingers and rotisserie chickens.

The rotisserie chicken:
The rotisserie chicken is quite the meal. $12 will get you the ½ original rotisserie chicken. That gets you two sides, a sweet roll, and one dipping sauce of your choice. The whole rotisserie chicken will run you $19.50 and comes with two sides, a sweet roll, and two dipping sauces of your choosing.

For $12, the ½ original is perfect for dinner. However, do not assume that you can get the ½ original on anything but an empty stomach and expect to not need a take-home box.

To truly enjoy the chicken, you have to get messy. Eating a rotisserie chicken half the size of my head simply would not work with a fork and knife. Finding a good way to eat the rotisserie chicken effectively without making a mess is one of the only drawbacks to this meal. 

The chicken tenders:
The chicken tenders are a great alternative to the rotisserie chicken. For $10, you get three large chicken tenders that are not for the faint of heart. These tendies mean business. You also get one side of your choice and two dipping sauces as well. If you are someone who hates the mess of the rotisserie chicken, the chicken tenders are the perfect alternative for you. 

The sides: 

The mac n’ cheese is out of this world for a place that specializes in chicken. It has a creamy and gourmet taste that I have not had anywhere else, and I am not a mac n’ cheese guy. The french fries by themselves are pretty standard french fries, nothing to write home about. However, the sauces are what bring these fries to life. 

The sauces: 

The Howlin Bird offers seven different unique sauces. The Bird sauce, Howlin sauce, garlic white sauce, caper aioli, molasses BBQ, buttermilk ranch and honey mustard. The Howlin sauce, its hottest sauce, packs a serious punch and will not struggle in making you sweat a bit. 

The experience: 

Walking into the restaurant was weird at first. I had not heard anything about how the restaurant works, so I assumed it was the standard sit-down style like most restaurants. At The Howlin Bird, you walk through the door and are faced with large menus mounted on the wall and a kiosk with employees waiting to take your order. Once you place your order, if you are dining in, you are given a number that you place on the table you seat yourself at. A server will get you beverages and bring your food out to you once it is done. 
Would we go back? Absolutely.The food is wonderful and the portions are great for the price. Once you understand how they take their orders, it is super simple and frankly easier than the process employed by traditional sit-down restaurants.

For more information and to place an order, visit: https://www.howlinbird.com/