Freshman creates confections for Instagram


Whether it is cookies, cakes or bread, baked goods are a food group that a lot of people think are delicious. 

This past year, many people picked up baking as a new hobby to pass the time in quarantine. While there is an increased interest in baking, some have been baking since they were kids. 

This is the case of freshman Corrie Schorsten, who has been baking since she was 4 years old. Her Instagram account, @corriesconfections, displays all of the impressive pastries she has baked. 

Baking has always been part of the Schorsten family.

“I was inspired to bake by my mom and Nana,” Schorsten said. “I would watch them in the kitchen baking and I wanted to be just like them.” 

She was also inspired by those she saw on television, whether it be baking competitions or people on the Food Network. 

“I saw all these kids my age baking and realized that I could do what they are doing and maybe even a little bit better. I started practicing and inventing new ideas and recipes,” Schorsten said. 

When it comes to baking, a lot of thought goes into the process. It begins with an idea, which can come from anywhere. Then it is important to follow the recipe and make sure that everything is going as planned. After baking, there is decoration, which takes creativity. In Schorsten’s case, she makes up her own recipes. This takes a lot of experimentation, creativity and patience. 

“I normally start with an inspiration picture that I find mostly on Pinterest,” Schorsten said. “Then I sketch out my design and think of flavor combinations.”

Schorsten does have her favorites to bake. When making a pastry, she makes sure that there is a perfect balance of visuals, flavor and texture. These three things can make or break a baked product. There must be appealing colors, an exquisite taste and no overpowering texture.

“Some of the favorite things I’ve baked are chocolate cakes with peanut butter mousse and vanilla buttercream,” Schosten said. “Another is a flourless chocolate cake with a chocolate hazelnut mousse, hazelnut praline and a chocolate mirror glaze. I also love cronuts [croissant doughnuts] with vanilla pastry cream. These are my favorites because I like the flavor combinations and textural differences that these different components bring. I also think they are the best visually.”

Even if someone is skilled in baking, there are still challenges that a baker can face. However, something can be learned from it. Schorsten has experienced some challenges while baking, and she has learned how to overcome those challenges as a result.

“Some challenges that I face when creating stacked cakes is stacking them,” Schorsten said. “Sometimes the filling is too runny, sometimes the cakes are too hot. But I’ve learned after many cakes to use straws to reinforce the three layers. I also spend many hours making the cakes so I have time to properly chill them.”

Schorsten loves to bake. She likes it so much that she has considered selling her confections. Not only do her products feed others, they also make Schorsten happy. This is what she loves to do. To Schorsten, baking is a relaxing process that also encourages creative expression in her.

“I would love to turn my hobby into a proper business,” Schosten said. “I think owning my own bakery could be a possible career for me. I have sold cupcakes in the past to raise money for school trips in past years.”

Schorsten is already on the track to becoming a professional baker. She is taking business classes and has plans to enroll in the High School of Business when she is a junior.   

“I am currently in the GlenOak business program,” Schorsten said. “It helps students learn important skills to run a business or just be part of one. I’m still not sure what career I want to pursue later in life, but I know I will alway love to bake.”

Anyone who wants to bake should try it. It is inexpensive, fun and a way to bring happiness, which is especially needed in the middle of a pandemic. It is also an outlet for imagination and creativity. Schorsten even has some advice to anyone who wants to start.

“Follow the recipe,” Schorsten said. “If you choose a good source to find a reliable recipe [highly-rated Pinterest recipes, or Food Network], your baked good will turn out well. Listen to people who have more experience and be creative.”

To see more of Schorsten’s work, follow her Instagram account. Soon, her pastries could potentially be available to others who are eager to try her products.