Yearbook Rewind: 2021 edition


This year was one for the records. Nothing was the same about and that much is true about the yearbook this year. 

Yearbook adviser Angela Spano decided against a traditional yearbook as this is not a traditional year. 

This yearbook will not have singular pages highlighting each activity or club, rather it will be organized chronologically in the order activities happen. Instead, the yearbook is being told like a story, starting from the beginning of the year until the end. 

The yearbook is not focusing on everything students have lost, but is trying to celebrate what students have had. Multiple programs will be covered on one page.

“For example instead of dance having one page they are appearing on multiple pages, but they are sharing their coverage with other groups. On one page dance is featured we talk about Mary Poppins the Ballet and they share coverage with Video Productions who took the video of the Mary Poppins Ballet,” Spano said. 

Senior Sophie Burchfield, who is a part of the yearbook staff, believes that this will be a success. 

“I have actually enjoyed doing it this way,” Burchfield said. “It is a more involved yearbook and will get more kids involved who have not been in it as much in years past.”

While change is good, sometimes it is not permanent. But Spano has other plans. If this yearbook is a hit amongst students, it may stay around for years to come.

“I would consider doing this next year because it is much more fun to read,” Spano said. “It is a change of pace but in a good way.” 

One thing that did not change is the sports coverage. Sports will still have their own pages in the back of the yearbook. 

“We decided to keep those pages the same.  A lot of different factors went into that decision, but once we realized sports would run as normal we decided we would not mix in sports coverage,” Spano said.

Spano also expressed that the chronological book  is much more enriching because it causes there to be more coverage of the year as events are happening. Starting with the hybrid schedule and being covered as if it was just a recent event. She also added it allows her to cover clubs and activities multiple times.

“The sports have a season and then it is finished.  Drama goes all year long. We usually had to turn the drama page in in March, so anything that happened in April and May we did not cover. The chronological yearbook allows us to cover them again, so I feel it is a plus,” Spano said.

Junior Maya Burlingame has been a part of the yearbook staff since she was a freshman. Throughout the past three years she has experienced the creative process that has taken place to make a yearbook special. But this year feels more special for her because of this new format.

“I really think people will enjoy the new chronological order yearbook,” Burlingame said. “It was the most fun one to create and be a part of and I enjoyed it every step of the way so far.”
Order the yearbook now, price goes up on March 1. It is available at and use order number 4575. The yearbook will be available for pickup in Aug.