The frustrating uncertainties of graduation


With the end of the school year nearing, there is only one thing on everyone’s mind; Graduation. 

On Feb. 25 Gov. Mike Dewine announced that students will be able to participate in graduation and guidance will come soon. 

Now on March 15, there still has been no information regarding graduation from the governor’s office. Leaving Plain Local only with a date of May 25 and no way to release a plan of what graduation will look like. 

We know graduation will be different this year because of COVID-19, perhaps DeWine is waiting to see if the numbers go down. However, seniors deserve a plan.

Seniors have lost their first prom, homecoming, in person sporting events, start of their senior year, in person performances, and much more.

With the COVID-19 restrictions possibly being changed, graduation could too but there is not a plan set in place because of the State of Ohio. This uncertainty is frustrating many seniors.

Seniors have wanted to walk across the stage like most of their friends from past years have, and we realize it won’t be the same.

“I would still like graduation to take place at the Civic Center, so we can all walk across the stage. Just with our mask up,” senior Alex Stahleker said.

We are ok with  dealing with the restrictions so long as we can least walk across the stage with the rest of our class in attendance.

Getting to graduation is stressful enough, but not knowing what our graduation looks like is even more stressful, especially for the seniors who are moving further away from the school. As a senior, the only thing I want is to know what graduation will look like. 

We know the district can not do much until DeWine releases his final guidance.  We implore DeWine and state officials to make his decision, so we know if we can have an in person graduation with our class.