NFL power rank

32. Detroit Lions: The Lions just lost their best player in Matthew Stafford. He was the only reason the Lions would win a game here and there. They did get a few draft picks from the Rams as well as a young QB with Jared Goff, they are still in a rebuild stage and the picks are irrelevant for an immediate change. 

31. Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags got a new coach known as Urban Meyer. Meyer coached the college level and won three national championships, but had an unsuccessful first stint at an NFL career previously. They also have the first overall pick this year which they presumably will take QB Trevor Lawrence. They are still in the rebuilding process so do not expect a shocking season from them. 

30. New York Jets: The Jets have a new coach in Robert Saleh. Saleh was previously the defensive coordinator on the San Francisco 49ers. He is expected to make a big culture change for the lackluster, Jets but a big part of their future depends on who they pick in the draft and if Sam Darnold will maintain the role of QB.

29. Houston Texans: This franchise is a flop. They have made wrong decisions after wrong decisions. They have no consistency and they have lost a majority of their talent in recent years. J.J. Watt has been released and DeAndre Hopkins was traded last season. If they trade their unhappy QB Deshaun Watson who has requested to be traded, they will be one of the worst teams in the league. 

28. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals need an offensive line flat out. Joe Burrow has proved to be a talented quarterback who plays like a veteren player already. But he has no protection from the offensive line and all of the other stars on his team are constantly out with injury. If they rebuild their offensive line they will not be the worst team, but they won’t be a good one either. 

27. Denver Broncos: The Broncos have yet to find a quarterback that can maintain a high level of play. They also lack the offensive power to put up enough points to truly be a contender. They have a sturdy defense but they are inconsistent and aging past their prime. 

26. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles traded QB Carson Wentz away and now are in search of a new quarterback unless they decide that Jalen Hurts will be the guy. They also got a new first time NFL coach. Time will tell if they made the right decision by getting rid of Wentz and taking a chance on a brand new coach. 

25. Carolina Panthers: The Panthers have a great running back known as Christian McCaffery. Unfortunately, he is injury prone and they rely heavily on his running as well as receiving talents. Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who is very inconsistent and past his prime, could be a downfall for this Panthers offense. 

24. Dallas Cowboys: Quarterback Dak Prescott finally got paid to stay with the Cowboys. However, they have a weak defense and equally weak offense. Dak Presott is an above average quarterback who puts up a lot of passing yards in “garbage time.” They have some good young players who can only get better if coached properly. 

23. New England Patriots: The Patriots had their first losing record season since the year 2000. Moral is the Patriots have been great ever since Tom Brady took the mantle. It is no coincidence that when Brady left they became a mediocre team. Quarterback Cam Newton didn’t have a stellar season with them, but the Patriots are taking a chance and signing him for another year. The reason the Patriots are still a decent team is because of the defense and the great mind of head coach Bill Belechick.

22. New York Giants: The Giants have not been a fantastic team, yet it seems they have the pieces to start winning games again. Star running back Saquon Barkley was injured the majority of last season but the Giants still managed to win some big games and put up a good fight in some losses as well. Quarterback Daniel Jones might be the player they need to lead them to a divisional win after finishing second place last season. 

21. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons have a talented offense with some good veteren pieces. But quarterback Matt Ryan is aging quickly and they might need to move on from him. Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields is projected to get picked by them with the 4th pick. This might be the change needed to help them win games again.

20. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikings made a great trade last season to acquire wide receiver Justin Jefferson who brings youthful energy to their offense. The main issue they have is the defense is not formidable and they have a low-confidence quarterback. They need to get some intensity in their team to push them further than a subpar team.  

19. Las Vegas Raiders: The Raiders have a good idea going on with their team. Quarterback Derek Carr has been playing well. Unfortunately running back Josh Jacobs was an underperforming piece of their offense after having an explosive rookie season. If Jacobs reaches his true potential then the Raiders will be a successful team. Until then, they will not be a great competitor.

18. Chicago Bears: The Bears offense just sucks. They have no quarterback, one decent receiver, bad running backs, old tight ends, nothing impressive with the offense. They have a couple defensive players which makes them formidable and they can play together pretty well. But they won’t make it further than the regular season if they do not fix the offensive struggles.

17. Washington Football Team: The Football Team was a pleasant surprise to see them emerge to become a fun, underdog type team to watch. They took on some of the toughest opponents and did not back down. Rookie defensive end Chase Young played at a high level all year which boosted the entire defensive line. Quarterback Taylor Heinicke is a young gun who played with a chip on his shoulder and he performed extraordinarily against the Super Bowl Champs Buccaneers in the first round of the playoffs. This team will be fun to watch next season. 

16. Los Angeles Chargers: Quarterback Justin Herbert had a phenomenal rookie season and looks to only become better after setting six passing records last season. The Chargers have new coaches and have drafted well the past few years, so if this trend continues they will only become better.

15. Indianapolis Colts: The Colts acquired quarterback Carson Wentz from the Eagles this offseason. Wentz had a poor performing year last season but may bounce back after joining this new system. The Colts have two talented running backs and they have one of the best offensive and defensive lines in the league.

14. Arizona Cardinals: The Cardinals have a talented quarterback and some serious firepower with their receivers. They also made a splash by signing defensive end J.J. Watt to strengthen their pass rushing pressure. Thus, teaming up edge rusher Chandler Jones with Watt. Quarterbacks better be weary of these two because they are the top two leaders in sacks.

13. San Francisco 49ers: The 49ers have a solid foundation with a talentless quarterback. They have all the pieces they need to be great except a good quarterback. Once they find the right guy for them to replace the quarterbacks they currently have the 49ers will once again be a contender.

12. Miami Dolphins: The Dolphins have a wishy-washy quarterback within Tua Tagovailoa. Tagovailoa had glimpses of greatness but continued to fall short of the mark. The team has talent but the main focus should be to develop Tagovailoa to make a decision on if he is the one to lead them to the Lombardi Trophy.

11. Tennessee Titans: The Titans offense is a scary three-headed monster. Starting with running back Derrick Henry. Henry is the first running back since Adrian Peterson in 2012 to have over 2,000 yards rushing. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill is a formidable opponent when you look at his speed and arm strength. Finally A.J. Brown, the wide receiver who has insanely good footwork. He will get open whether you like it or not. 

10. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers had a great first half of the season going 11-0. Then they slowed down and started to perform at a less competitive level. They have some concerns on whether quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be returning for his 18th season. In many people’s eyes he is washed up. Time will tell how the decision affects the Steelers.        

9. Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks had a rough season last year but are expected to be much better this year. They hired a new offensive coordinator who should mix things up for the extremely talented quarterback Russel Wilson. Their defense needs to pick up the slack and then they will be a scary team to deal with. 

8. Los Angeles Rams: The Rams got rid of quarterback Jared Goff and replaced him with quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford is a talented quarterback who can change the Rams offense around. The defense is extremely worrisome for whoever they play against. They can become a Super Bowl caliber team behind the great mind of coach Sean McVay.

7. New Orleans Saints: The Saints have an old quarterback who will be either leaving them or will be a liability to them next season. Either way, they do not have a head to their offense. They have a great defense and a lot of talent on their offense, but they might not have a successful year this year if everything goes wrong for them. 

6. Cleveland Browns: The Browns had a surprisingly great season with the new and improved quarterback Baker Mayfield. They also have pro bowl wide receiver Odell Bechkham Jr. returning next season to team up with his pro bowl friend Jarvis Landry. They have a great offensive line as well as defensive line. Their running back duo are the best one-two punch in the league. They need to get a better defensive secondary or they will still just be known as the Browns.

5. Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens have the most unstoppable quarterback in the league, Lamar Jackson. Jackson is insanely fast and can also make impressive throws. They have a great defense and they have the best team chemistry in the league. They need to get a better wide receiver core to make them less one dimensional. 

4. Buffalo Bills: Quarterback Josh Allen had a breakout year and performed exceptionally well with the Bills. After they acquired receiver Stefon Diggs they added the final piece to the offense they needed. Their defense is also not to be slept on as they have good linebackers and lockdown cornerbacks. 

3. Green Bay Packers: Quarterback Aaron Rodgers won another MVP trophy after a phenomenal season. They are expected to get some new offensive weapons in the off season and to boost their defense with the hiring of a new defensive coordinator.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs have a dynamic offense with a surplus of receivers with the most artistic and stunning quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes fell short in the Super Bowl but not because of a lack of effort on his part. The Chiefs have a weak offensive line and the receivers may be talented, but they were struggling to catch anything in Super Bowl LV.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Buccaneers are a well oiled machine. They have a strong offense, strong defense, strong coaching staff and the best player of all time, Tom Brady. Brady is a winner and should be expected to continue his trend of being a competitor. The Bucs are only going to get better with the young players they have sprinkled throughout the team. 

Picture courtesy of Wikimedia commons