Savior of Skin


It is one of the biggest issues that human beings face: acne. Whether it has to do with beauty or insecurity, nobody wants their face to have red bumps. Various treatments exist, but a lot of them do not seem to work, depending on the person’s skin. 

Senior Alyssa Serri has come up with a potential solution to everyone’s acne problems. She has created a skincare cream that she feels is having a remarkable impact.

Serri came up with the idea after experiencing acne problems of her own.

“Acne has always been my number one insecurity,” Serri said. “I was ticked because I was spending all this money on cleansers and spot treatments and different creams and gels that were supposed to take it away. I was upset because nothing worked long term and I’d get dry or oily skin as byproducts to whatever I was using at the time, which led to more acne.”

From this, Serri got to work. She researched various acne products, the effects of different formulas on the skin and the chemistry behind all of it. This is when she made her formula. 

The main formula consists of two strains of aloe and Vitamin E. Serri describes strains of aloe as different types of apples.

“It’s all natural and there are literally no chemicals,” Serri said. “It’s unique because instead of fighting your skin, it works with it.”

Serri is aware that not all skin types will work with her skincare, which is why she plans to make many more variations of it. 

“Effectiveness all has to do with skin type and severity of acne, which is why I’m looking to add another formula or improve the one I have now for inclusivity,” Serri said. “Every subject that I tested showed improvement.”

Serri tested her product on a few of her friends and fellow classmates. Senior Tori Russell was one of her subjects. During trials, she used it for a month. 

“During her experiment, it was the only thing I used after washing my face at night, and I’d also use it when I woke up,” Russell said. “Then afterwards, I added it into my existing skincare routine before I moisturized and used it three times a day.”

The formula has proven to be versatile with skin routines. Senior Jack Shoemaker was also one of Serri’s subjects. He used it for two weeks, going off and on since then.

“After washing my face, I apply about a nickel-quarter sized amount to my entire face,” Shoemaker said.

Both Russell and Shoemaker confirmed that the skincare was very effective. Russell reports that it is on par with other acne products she has used, while Shoemaker says that it worked better.

“Many other products that I’ve used have been harsher on my skin, and I feel that this has provided more long term benefits,” Shoemaker said. “I would certainly rank it among the best products that I’ve used.”

Russell also agrees that this is a phenomenal product.

“I liked how quickly it worked,” Russell said. “I highly recommend it, because it calms down and evens out redness and texture and helps to quicken the healing process of current and past acne.”

This skincare has proven to be a great solution to everyone’s acne problems, and yes, it is available. Serri hopes to make this some kind of business some day. 

“I’d like to develop some kind of clientele,” Serri said. 

Serri is currently worried about starting an Etsy shop, but in the meantime, anyone interested can message her on Instagram @alyssaserri or Snapchat @a_serri. Her product is $5 for 2 ounces, and only $4 for refills.