Cheer team competes with COVID-19


This year’s cheerleading team has overcome and triumphed during COVID-19 and continues to bring their top attitude and ability to every event. 

Although the pandemic threw challenges at the team, the team bounced back and went harder than before. The team placed third in the competition team division and were in the top ten for the gameday team competition. 

“We definitely had some setbacks at the beginning of the season, we got a late start and were unable to attend cheer camp during the summer,” head coach Alyssa West said. 

In order to conquer these circumstances, the team had to be creative in order to push themselves past their limits. 

“We do themed practices leading up to competitions and challenges throughout the week to get the team excited and ready, we also have been practicing more than usual and are recording the routines so we can watch them later and pick out any flaws,” junior Taylor Bolon said. 

The team looks at the pandemic as a motivator instead of a setback. This mindset has helped them improve greatly.

“We definitely became closer as a team, we push each other past our limits every chance we get, because we know the potential that our team has and this pandemic has got us to work harder,” senior Sarah Hartman said. 

After hours of hard work the team surpassed and made it to state, continuing the streak. 

“We made it to state this year again, it was a lot different with covid and competitions being virtual and wearing masks at games and stuff butI’m happy we got to have a season through everything,” junior Jenna Simmons said. 

The team also placed first in the Green Invitational, beating Jackson, Marlington, and Ashland’s teams.

“We won this invitational by giving it our all, and focusing on what we had to do on the mat instead of worrying about our placement,” senior Catie Hohman said. 

Being a senior during this time period in a sport can be frustrating and difficult, but the seniors on this team rose to the occasion and faced the pandemic head on with hard work.