Improvements Underway for the Girls Lacrosse Team


After two years, the girls lacrosse team is ready to take on the stadium lights. With COVID-19 shutting out their 2020 season and getting a new coach, they are back and setting records. 

“We won a game against Hoban last night [4/15/21] 11-6 so we set a record of goals in a game and their first win [this season],” coach Micheal Soyars said. 

A lot of work went into these ladies to get them their first win of the season. 

“I played during the summer and did some drills in my backyard,” sophomore Zoelle Myers said. 

From practicing at home to on the field, players were sure to keep improving even when things did not go as planned. 

“I prepared for the season by working out at the YMCA and showing up to open nets set up by the coaches,” senior Morgan Rekstis said. “We also held preseason practices that helped with the foundation of the game.”

Not only have the players improved, their coaching staff has also. With the addition of coach Soyars the team has gotten a win, which they have not seen in around four years. 

“The new coaching has uplifted the team and created more of a focused mindset than years past because the training is much more focused on skill and ball handling,” Rekstis said. 

  The coaches have worked a lot with the players and are seeing great improvements from ball handling to their offensive and defensive plays. 

“Coaches started working on defense and offense individually to better us,” Myers said. 

All of the work going into improving the team has been paying off. Not only have they put in the work on the field but they also have built strong bonds with their teammates. 

“The changes I have noticed this season is that there is a stronger bond between the players than there has been in the years past,” Rekstis said.

The girls are continually bettering every aspect of their team and it has shown in not only their games but their practices. 

“They are competing. They practice hard, and they are playing hard,” Soyars said. 

Even though they have not played in two years, the girls are motivated and have set many goals for this season. 

“The goals I have this season are to play every game with 100 percent effort and leave the field with no regrets,” Rekstis said. 

With these goals in mind, they are set up to keep improving with hopes to win more games.