Dance program bounces back with upcoming May recital


The show must go on! – The title of an upcoming show from GlenOak dance that has been long awaited after not being able to perform live almost all school year. 

After a hard year for the program, having to eyeball whether or not shows will have to be recorded or not, this show is set to perform for a larger audience and has even been approved for taking masks off for certain smaller dances. 

“I’m most excited to see the students perform for an audience of 200, and that they don’t have to wear their masks for the individual dance performances,” dance director Jackie Blaydes said. “I want to see the facial expression and the entire (human) being perform, which we have lost this year because of half of the face being covered.”

Each grade level has their individual group dance/dances, which makes up most of the show. These are the numbers that have been approved to be maskless.

Dancers often use their facial expressions to enhance their performance.  Since students were required to wear masks during all other performances this year, some are worried about how difficult it will be to express themselves with their facial expressions now.

“I think the main difference [in this show compared to others this year] is how we perform,” freshman Taylor Uhren said. “We haven’t used facial expressions as much this year because of the masks so I’m curious to how hard it will be being able to perform with my full face again.”

There are a  variety of styles being shown in the show, which gives everyone something to enjoy from ballet pieces to jazz numbers.

“I really can’t choose what dance is my favorite because I like them all, but I definitely enjoy the finale a lot, having everybody dancing to “We’re all in this together” is a great way to end the show with the positive song and way it ties into the theme,” Blaydes said.

Students in multiple numbers have also had their favorites.

“I would say [my favorite dance I’m in] is Money, Money, Money! I think it’s really fun and I love the song and how upbeat the dance is,” Uhren said. “I also enjoy using facials and this song is perfect for that.”

Along with being able to use full expressions, seniors finally get to have their moments on stage before leaving high school.

“It feels really surreal to know that after nearly 16 years that this will be the last time I get to dance with all of my friends on the Abbey Foltz stage,” senior Alyssa Serri said. “In that time I have seen 14 years worth of girls that I’ve looked up to graduate, and now it’s my turn and I almost can’t believe it.”

With all of the knowledge she has gained from almost 16 years in the program, Serri has also given some advice for the underclassmen in the program to have a good experience in the next few years. 

“My advice for underclassmen dancers is to definitely be resilient. I know from my experience that the competition of it all absolutely takes a toll on everyone. However, when you take time to promote a positive atmosphere it makes dance more enjoyable and everyone walks away feeling like they accomplished something,” Serri said. 

Tickets are being distributed 4 to a family, and show premieres on May 15 at 2 pm and 4 pm. From younger dancers to our own high schoolers, all of the students have worked hard to prepare a show that they have been wishing to put on all year.