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Chicken Nugget Review


Written by: Jenna Delp & Lydia Ayers


  • Price for the Box of chicken bites: $2.49 
  • The nuggets taste like they have a lot of breading on them. 
  • The nuggets somehow do not taste like chicken at all… it was weird. 
  • The nuggets almost had a sweet type of flavor to them. 
  • They would have been way better if they were bigger because then they would have tasted more like chicken and less like breading. 
    • Rating- 4.5/10- good but we expected way better 


  • Price for a 4 piece nugget: $2.09
  • Definitely tasted and had a lot more chicken in each nugget, than the Rally’s chicken bites did. (despite the rumors of them not being real chicken) 
  • They were a good size and very enjoyable.
  • Very popular nuggets, tons of people have them every day. 
    • Rating- 5/10- good but not the best


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  • Price for a large box of popcorn chicken: $4.49 (we got large on accident) 
    • Price for a small is: $2.00
  • The popcorn chicken was extremely good, it had a great taste and flavor and had the right amount of seasonings. 
  • They had a great chicken to breading ratio, not too much of anything where it was not edible. 
  • This was a great size and actually comes with a lot.
  • The size variation is great (not all the same size). 
  • It’s bussin bussin.
  • They taste even more amazing with Wendy’s BBQ Sauce. 
  • Tastes more like REAL chicken instead of the fake chicken from McDonalds. 
  • They smell amazing, they do not have the smell of artificial chicken.  
    • Rating- 8.5/10 

Burger King: 

  • Price for a 10 piece (smallest size): $1.49 *CHEAPEST for the amount given*
    • ^ pretty much 15 cents for each nugget… cheap cheap. 
  • Very flat, does not look very good to the eye. 
  • Good but not very flavorful.
  • More chicken than bread.
  • Very very messy, lots of crumbs when eating.
  • Should have known for the cheap price that they were not going to be AMAZING. 
  • Dry but surprisingly in a good way….. 
    • Rating- 5/10 


  • Price for a 4 piece nugget: $1.19 *cheapest overall* 
  • They were slim thicc for sure, they had the right amount of chicken and breading ration, same as KFC. 
  • Even taste good when semi cold.
  • The chicken is amazing, they may look artificial but they don’t taste like it is. 
  • We really liked these chicken nuggets.
    • Rating- 7.5/10 

Chick Fil A: 

  • Price for a 12 piece nugget: $4.45
  • The chicken was very good and very filling.
  • The chicken had a great flavor. 
  • It tasted like real chicken- no artificial stuff. 
  • The chicken tasted really good with all sauces. 
  • The breading was amazing and crunchy.
  • These nuggets were favorite by far, they tasted great.
  • The nuggets overall were great.
    • Rating: 9/10 


  • Price for the 3 chicken finger combo: $6.98
  • The tenders are soft and tender.
  • The breading is crunchy and a little messy.
  • The price is reasonable with the amount of food that you get in the box. 
  • The tenders were good but not as good as Chick fil A.

Favorite to least favorite: 

  • Chick Fil A
  • KFC popcorn chicken 
  • Raising Cane’s
  • Wendy’s chicken nuggets
  • McDonalds chicken nuggets 
  • Rally’s chicken bites
  • Burger King chicken nuggets

The Chick Fil A nuggets were our overall favorite.

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Chicken Nugget Review