Opinion: Watch the Thrones is a better album

By Craig Smith — Rappers Jay-z, Kanye West seem to be taking their dominance of hip hop music into the second decade of the 21st century. These rappers and their respective albums are importance for their development of the progression of hip hop and music as a whole.

They are both expected to sell, more then fairly well albums in the modern age ( due to illegal downloading of music files.) Both of these are instrumental albums which symbolize the stages in the careers of each corresponding artist. Both of these albums are both critically important to not only the careers of their creators, but to the development of the hip hop genre of music.

While “Watch the Throne” is an album that has not only one but to superstar artisting featuring their talents, and “Tha carter IV” has only one, and it would seem that  it would be unnecessary to compare the two albums because they are both artistically different.

In fairness comparing the talents of two artists to one would be unfair, but Lil Wayne’s star power has particularly ballooned over the years. With all fairness the “Tha carter IV” is rather mundane, and repetitive, and lacks any real signs of genuine musicianship, while Kanye West’s and Jay Z’s  album has been better critically acclaimed then Lil Wayne’s, it would be fairly  said that Watch The thrones album would be better . Lets see the Pro’s and Con’s  :


Tha Carter IV

Pro: It has a much more alternative approach, then his earlier stuff.

Con: Has seen by critics as average, and is rather repetitive and mundane.


Watch the throne

Pro: More Progressive and less repetive.

Con: Scattered musically

[Updated Aug. 6, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]