By Mackenzie Wilson — Taking the SAT may be a better option for some students than taking the ACT.

Here are three reasons to take the SAT.

  1. If a student did well on the PSAT, it is a fair chance they will do well on the SAT.
  2. Having a good vocabulary and knowing grammar very well suggests a student should take the SAT.
  3. The SAT math section is more based on reasoning so students may do better on the SAT because they do not necessarily have to have an A+ grade in math in order to do well on the SAT.

Taking the ACT might be a good option to take, rather than taking the SAT for some.

Here are four reasons to take the ACT.

  1. If a student did well on the PLAN test they are bound to do well on the ACT.
  2. If a student is a quick reader but does not know vocabulary that well they may have a better chance of having a higher score on the ACT.
  3. The English portion of the ACT is considered common sense, almost as simple as proof reading a research paper.
  4. Also, the ACT allows a person to choose what score they want to send to colleges, where as when taking the SAT a person does not have that choice.

[Updated Aug. 6, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]