Juniors able to apply for summer scholarship

By Erin Terri — There are plenty of college scholarships available to high school students; some better than others. Scholarships are given to those students who have gone above and beyond education expectations.

However, scholarships are not just available for seniors.  Underclassmen can apply for scholarships which lead to summer school opportunities that can turn into college credit.

Senior Kimberly Kraus was awarded a scholarship from The Joyce Ivy foundation.

“I applied because I knew that I would need an experience to set me apart in the college application process,” Kraus said.

The Joyce Ivy Foundation is the nation’s leading provider of summer programs for high-potential young women. The foundation was founded as a non-profit organization to further assist in encouragement, financial assistance and employment support to the young women of the future.

Kraus took her scholarship at Brown University; located in Providence, Rhode Island. The summer program she took was seven weeks long where she stayed on campus with other undergraduates and took a total of two classes.

“It was the experience of a lifetime,” Kraus said

Kraus took Neuroscience and Developmental Psychopathology; the study of mental childhood disorders.

“After college I want to be a Cognitive Neurologist; which is the study of Alzheimer’s” Kraus said.

During the program, Kraus got to experience what is was like to be a college student and do things such as live in a dorm, eat in a dining hall everyday, and learn to be independent.

The application process was not easy. It involved several steps such as first applying for the scholarship, being accepted; then picking a college to take the program at, applying there, and waiting to be accepted. Kim not only got to pick the school she went to, but also the classes she would take and the length of time she would stay. 

Kraus is still undecided on where she wants to attend college in the fall. She has applied at several places; one of them being Brown University. Kraus says she would love to go back to Brown mainly because of the memories she made while taking the seven week program.

“I know my way around campus like the back of my hand, including all of the shortcuts and how to get to the mall in the city”

The deadline to register this year to win a scholarship from the Joyce Ivy Foundation is Mar 19.

“I absolutely recommend the program,Kraus said.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]