Video: Teacher shaves hair off after class wins contest

Teacher Megan Bird traded her dry erase marker for a set of clippers on Feb. 15.  Bird gave her student teacher Michael Besnecker a new hair cut in front of her entire 3A class after the class won the NHS can food drive.

Besnecker had challenged the students to bring in 700 cans of food for the NHS food drive.  If they did, the class could shave his hair off.  The students almost doubled his goal collecting just under 1400 cans.

Sophomore Zach Kirkland donated nearly 400 cans to reach the class goal of 700 cans.  Kirkland went to Wal-mart the night before the deadline and bought all the ramen noodles off the shelf. For his generosity Kirkland was the first student to take a turn at shaving Besnecker’s hair off.

Sophomore Paris Sims brought in 50 cans. He wanted to style Besnecker’s new hair cut giving him steps.  In the end, Besnecker decided steps were not his style and had the class shave off all his hair.

[Updated Aug. 7, 2017: This article has been reformatted for consistency.]