GlenOak parking lot needs a fixer upper

Current flow of GlenOak parking lot does not work.


Zachary Gemma, Opinion Editor

The GlenOak parking lot, a place that symbolizes the happiness of leaving school. However, it also symbolizes the dangerous driving of the wild inhabitants in the Plain Local District. This exact parking lot poses a daunting challenge. How does one make it less dangerous?

Throughout my short two full years observing the GlenOak parking lot, I can reasonably say it’s a mess. The parking lot sports many dangers posed by pedestrians walking, reckless students and scariest of all impatient parents. 

The most pressing issue of GlenOak is the lack of traffic flow. A plethora of students leaving at once from the endless number of rows. Parents also evacuate at the same time, and from the same exits. That said, the issue can be summed up easily by saying there’s a large clog. 

What should be a short trip out of the parking lot, can feel like a day’s worth of maneuverability training. 

Now it’s onto tackling the issue of unclogging the clog. The main clogger is the middle entrance row in the center of the parking lot. Parents enter through the middle forming a line, and students try to get across to exit towards Easton. 

Speaking of Easton another hazard is the parents entering through Easton and converging with those entering through the middle lane. This causes a crossroads between the middle lane and easton entrance lane which makes the two lines take an extreme amount of time to dissipate.

An easy solution would be to dismiss parent pick up freshmen and sophomores with first busses, since most can not drive because of their young age.

 Most are forced to either ride a bus or be picked up by their parents. So if freshmen and sophomores were released earlier it would alleviate a lot of the line in parent pick up. 

With the parent line being whittled down to a lower length, there’s little issue left to cover. Students would have an easier time leaving their rows with less exiting and entering traffic boxing them in. 

Another solution could be to not allow parents to enter through the middle section of the parking lot; only allow parents to enter through the Easton entrance. 

Without the blockade of parental vehicles in the middle of the parking lot students could easily leave their rows and go to Easton exit or the stadium for athletic practices. All this plan requires is blocking of the Schneider entrance to the parking lot. 

The only problem with this plan is it may poorly affect the already hectic road, Easton. 

Along with that issue, there would most likely be some backlash because parents who normally enter through Schneider would then have to loop around the school instead of just entering in their normal way. 

Although the current parking lot is driving everyone crazy, there are still options to fix it.