Color Guard is back to normal performances

The resurgence of GlenOak Color Guard after a long year of restrictions


Members of the color guard perform at the first home football game in August. This was the first year many members performed in front of an audience. Photo by Kaia Kimble

Color guard is making their comeback. After the restrictions that affected the team last year due to COVID-19, the team is now starting to get back to their normal routine and season. 

The color guard team has performed at three football games, including one away game at Massillon High School. COVID-19 restricted travel outside of GlenOak’s home stadium last year, which limited the choreography that the team was able to do last year. Due to these restrictions, the team was also not able to touch each other or be too close together. 

Color guard is now back to a sense of normalcy with their regular practices and, of course, the kickline. The team has practiced all summer preparing for the halftime and pre-game shows. The team started rehearsing in the beginning of June, learning flag, dance and pom routines. They are now learning an annual dance “Run Run Rudolph” for the holiday program. 

“This year we’re back to doing regular kicklines, we don’t have to wear masks outside, so they’re able to do a lot more this year,” the dance and color guard director, Jackie Blaydes, said. 

Despite these improvements, the threats that come with COVID-19 still linger over the team.

“Right now with COVID coming back we’re constantly nervous, with the football game getting canceled last week it was devastating because that was our senior night,” team captain Gracie Dyer said.

Besides the stress of games being canceled, the team is excited to be back into their regular routine. 

“The girls are really enjoying themselves, just being back into the community of dancing and working with the band. They really feel like a united group again,” Blaydes said. 

The returning members are leading a large number of new members throughout the year. 

“We are trying to build our team and get closer, which will make our performance better and bring the energy that we need for the games,” Dyer said. “Over half of our team is brand new because of COVID last year, the sophomores never really got to experience a true game.”

The team grew this year with the addition of several freshmen and first-time sophomores and juniors to the lineup. Even with a lot of new members, they have proved to be successful.

“The games have gone pretty well, the first one was a little shaky just getting the nerves out, I’m proud of the team though, everyone is pushing through,” Dyer said.

Color guard is continuing to work hard for future games and events.

“We work hard so keep on stretching and practicing, get into dance, try out, have fun and you will be successful,” Dyer said.