A beginners guide to the world of crystals


Audrey Kiley

Buisness owner Eliza Ousley and her co-workers standing outside of their buisness, Reflection- Energy Healing Space

Mikayla Hariston and Claire Bigrigg

After being physically portrayed as unnatural phenomenons in movies, crystals are becoming more popular among younger generations. Many people use crystals in their daily lives, some of these practices including manifestation, protection and stress relief.

If I sit here and hold this crystal, and say that this is going to bring me love in whatever way I want that’s what I’m manifesting and that’s what I’m attracting.

— Eliza Ousley

Infographic created by Mikayla Hairston

Crystals are one of the many powerful spiritual tools that were traditionally used by spiritualists. However, many others are now picking up the practice of buying crystals to display in their home and wear as jewelry. To properly use these tools, people need to be educated about the background of crystals to use them to their full extent. 

Each crystal has its own metaphysical properties to it. For example, Rose Quartz is the stone of love and prosperity. Amethyst is a stone for absorbing negative energy and also can be used as a stress reliever. 

Eliza Ousley is the owner of Reflection-Energy Healing Space, a metaphysical store located on Mahoning Road in Canton, Ohio. She is one of the advocates of educating society on the basics and benefits of spirituality.

“Just like anything else, I feel like crystals are a tool. Nobody really needs them I don’t think. I could tell you everything I think about crystals, but that would be completely different then every other person who has ever experienced them,” Ousley said. 

Ousley also talks about how crystals work best when they have an intention to go with them. Examples of this could include setting the intention of clearing the negative energy from your life, or even just manifesting good luck or fortune in the future. 

Familiarizing yourself with crystals can be very difficult to understand. It can also be hard to find someone to help educate yourself on the topic. 

Ousley highly advises newcomers to watch “Spirit Science” on YouTube and search for the crystal video, which goes more in depth about the physical energy behind crystals and how it promotes self-love and the law of attraction. Other people have recommended the book “The Crystal Fix” by Juliette Thornbury.