The horrors of student driving

No seriously… It is so bad.


Sydney Allison-Smith, Staff Writer

As a sophomore without her license, watching my peers driving in the parking lot after school can make me feel like I am missing out. But then I look at the GlenOak terrible parking instagram and I am instantly cheered up. 

Some new drivers might think it is unfair how much they are getting judged by their absolutely atrocious parking. Maybe that is true, being publicly ridiculed would be pretty discouraging. It is so funny though.

I feel the page should inspire students to be better drivers. I like to think of the owner of that account as some sort of vigilante. They are just doing their part to help out the community. 

Seeing all of you guys on the road though is genuinely terrifying. I am sitting in the backseat of my grandma’s van and I see Jacob from fifth grade at a red light.

 How am I expected to trust this boy with a three thousand pound metal machine when he doesn’t even have his multiplication facts memorized?

I mean this all seems a bit sudden, don’t you think? We are putting everyone’s lives in the hands of kids who still get yelled at by their orthodontist for not wearing their retainer.(Go put the retainer in right now. I am talking to you).

Walking through the parking lot seeing you guys with your flags and insanely unique car decor really makes me yearn for a Honda Civic to put my very own vaguely political stickers on.

Now I know what you are thinking, “this girl only has her expired temps and she genuinely doesn’t  know which pedal is the brake and which is the gas because she has been behind the wheel ONCE… and she is jealous of us”. Absolutely I am.

I know you are all just excited to have your freedom and I am extremely happy for you. Even though there have been numerous attempts on my life in the parking lot, I still want to see you guys safe. But if you do crash, just make sure it is not in your parents’ expensive car.

Good luck to all of you on the road! And to all the teens without their license, I know it is hard having your grandma drive you around everywhere but at least you do not have to pay for gas.