Ryleigh Dotson

Ryleigh Dotson

How did you prepare for your audition?  

I already knew the musical and have been in it before, so I rewatched the musical and studied the part I wanted.

Were you surprised when you got this role? 

I was surprised to see my name as my own part, but I worked hard for it. 

What has been challenging about this musical?

Definitely learning a slightly different version of the musical, and learning new notes to my song.

How much time do you spend rehearsing each week?

We rehearse pretty much every day of the week and when I’m not at school I’m memorizing. 

What is the difficult scene to perform in the musical?

It would probably be the storm scene. It was hard to really bring that alive.  

What is your favorite part about your role in the musical?

My character is Ariel’s best friend and has her back at all times but isn’t the greatest guppy at keeping secrets.  

What is the most difficult song you have to sing and why?

Definitely my solo. I want it to be perfect and ready to show to a whole crowd of people. 

What is your favorite part of this musical?

The scenes where I accidentally tell on Ariel.


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