Why do guys wear shorts in the winter?

Come along to uncover the motivation behind the phenomenon of shorts-wearing.


For some, the cold winter months means layering up. For others, it means carrying a coat around school all day. For 6’4 junior Jacob Harms, however, it means strolling through the snow-filled parking lot in his newest pair of Nike shorts.

Whether you are a student, member of staff, or simply a high school parent in the drop-off line, you have seen your fair share of frostbitten legs fighting for their lives on their way into school. 

You are probably thinking, “These guys are crazy!” Well, you are not alone. 

Harms says that he often receives questions from his teachers asking, “Boy, where are your clothes?” or, “You know it’s winter, right?”

While most of his teachers will make comments on occasion, history teacher Ben Hughes is the one who interrogates him the most. 

“I cannot understand how male students can wear shorts in the winter. They can argue that they do not get cold, or that they are more comfortable to wear in school, but when there is snow on the ground, pants are the better choice,” Hughes said. 

Some of Hughes’s questions and comments consist of: “Harms, do you own a pair of pants?” and, “Harms, your legs are so white, put on some pants.”

Hughes even said that on the rare occasion Harms was wearing pants, he would ask him if he was feeling okay. 

Despite Hughes’s passionate claims, Harms makes some compelling arguments.

“Firstly, I’m a sunny spirit, and I think sunny souls should be able to shine year-round. Secondly, if you had legs like these, you’d be wearing shorts too,” Harms said.

Hurtful, but true.

“On a real note, though, I have swim practice every night after school where I lift weights and circuit train. I could change out of pants and into shorts, but this way is more practical for me. I also just prefer shorts and I think they are more comfortable,” Harms said.

Like Harms, sophomore Adam Crowder practices shorts-wearing from time to time.

“Wearing shorts in the winter increases my tolerance to the cold so that if, one day, I was stranded in Antarctica, I would be just fine,” Crowder said.

Like Harms, Crowder also said that he is simply more comfortable in shorts, even if he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt or hoodie on top. 

Harms and Crowder are not the only passionate shorts-wearers of GlenOak. In fact, shorts-wearing isn’t just for guys.

Senior Noelle Meister says she chooses to wear shorts in the winter because she feels more comfortable in them and likes the style better. Like Harms, she often gets a few weird looks.

“People often look at me like I have committed a crime when they see me wearing shorts in the cold. They usually tell me I need to go put some pants on,” Meister said. 

While these students are passionate about their choices, Harms speaks on the struggles of shorts-wearing in the frigid months of the year.

“Walking in shorts in the cold morning is what business people would call an ‘opportunity cost’ at the benefit of enhanced comfort throughout the day,” Harms said. “7:22 am is the darkest hour for us shorts wearers, but the warm embrace of door 17 is more of a savior than an entrance.”

Walking into school without the warmth of pants results in a dreadful couple of minutes. For these students, however, the benefits clearly outweigh the downsides, no matter how frigid it may get. 

In the insightful words of Jacob Harms, “The shorts-wearers of Glenoak high school won’t be silenced, won’t be stopped. You’ll see us and our legs tomorrow.”