Gold Key Award Winners

Each year, GlenOak Students from varying visual art programs are entered into the prestigious “Scholastic Gold Key Award.” This year, students won Gold Key awards for photography, animation and graphic design, as well as visual arts. In terms of visual art, senior Juliana Castro won two awards, one for her sculpture “Ecstasy of a Woman,” which also won her the American Vision Award, as well as an award for her work entitled “Folding Bodies.” Sophomores Victoria Casper and Aliyah Priest won awards for their works “Vanitas Still Life,” and “Conversations with Parrots,” respectively. In terms of photography, senior Alyssa Studebaker won a Gold Key Portfolio Award. Also, Junior Emmy Davis won a Gold Key Award for black and white photography. Finally, in the category of animation and graphic design, senior Brooke Archer won an award for her work “Dance of the Skeletal Ballerina.” The students received their national awards at Kent Stark, and had their works displayed on campus from January 19, 2022-January 29, 2022.

Ecstasy of a Woman-Juliana Castro
Folding Bodies-Juliana Castro
Vanitas Still Life-Victoria Fogarty
Conversations with Parrots-Aliyah Priest
Portfolio-Alyssa Studebaker
Dance of the Skeletal Ballerina-Brooke Archer

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