NHS telling a new story

New challenges, and new members


New NHS members geto roses at induction ceremony.

Caris Lantz, Sports Editor

You are sitting in the Abbey Foltz auditorium next to kids you have been in class with since 8th grade. The lights go out. An ominous voice instructs the crowd of people to silence their cell phones and turn their attention towards the doors. A string of well-dressed seniors holding plastic candles solemnly and silently trapse their way to the stage. This was the scene that 69 new inductees witnessed earlier this month as their first taste of membership to The National Honor Society. f

     The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes high achieving students who are committed to its four pillars; Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Character. 

     Scholarship emphasizes growing educationally. Service means seeking out opportunities to give back to the community. Leadership entails setting an example to carry oneself with dignity and responsibility for one’s own actions. And character is about personal responsibility to ethics and compassion towards others.     

     “These four pillars should be seen in every NHS member’s daily interactions with everyone in the community, including each other. These pillars are meant to be a way of life, not just something that a member does because they’re in the NHS,” said NHS coordinator, Annalessa Anderson.

These pillars are meant to be a way of life, not just something that a member does because they’re in the NHS”

— Annalessa Anderson

     For the last two years, COVID has severely limited what the NHS has been able to do for the Plain Local community, and has put a strain on members. 

     “COVID has not allowed us to have in person meetings and they have all been on Google Meet. Being able to be face-to-face would give students the opportunity to be more engaged and involved” said Alex Sedmock, the 2021-2022 NHS chapter president.

    Going forward, with COVID restrictions easing up, the new chapter of the NHS should be able to better demonstrate to the community what it means to be a member of the NHS.

     “Many opportunities to go out into the community are returning, which is great for everyone involved. I think we will see even more events return in the upcoming school year, which will provide our members with numerous opportunities to volunteer and to lead,” Anderson said. 

      This year was the first year that NHS has been able to welcome new members via in-person induction ceremony, and is looking forward to opening new doors to uphold these four pillars in a post-COVID world. 

      On March 9, the 2021-22 chapter of NHS passed on their legacy to the 2022-23 NHS Chapter of NHS. The new class of inductees will have their work cut out for them going forward to try and bring GlenOaks NHS chapter back to its full potential.

     “I see a lot of potential in the incoming inductees and cannot wait to see how they positively impact their community, as well as how their service positively impacts each of them,” Anderson said. 

     Next year, members of the new chapter of NHS plan on making some serious changes for the better. 

      “I feel we could broaden our horizons and open up opportunities that aren’t directly linked to GlenOak High School. From what I’ve heard NHS is that while service is a great part of the society it should not be all of NHS. It should also focus on the bond of the chapter as well,” New NHS member, Chasity Hatchett said. 

The new chapter of inductees includes: 

Seniors: Kathrine Barr, and Katerina Gilbert.

Juniors: John Alexander, Christina Amanatidies, Andrew Arway, Annina Betro, Grace Bowen, Giovanni Buckenberger, Lillie Cindric, Olivia Crowl, Benjamin Davis, Jenna Delp, Madison Dentler, Thomas ElFaye, Grace Flock, Mia Floyd, Hannah Frederick, Zachary Gemma, Jared Hahn, Anna Hall, Jacob Harms, Abigal Hartman, Chastity Hatchett, Sirrenna Hill, Jazel Issa, Kyla Jackson, Marina Kilonsky, Lindsey Klenner, Alexzander Laird, Sophia Lambert, Caris Lantz, Annabella Lattavo, Gavyn Leach, Paige Lucas, David Marinean, Andrew Martins, Carter Mucci, Erin Muckley, Blayne Maurer, Emily May, Kennedy McGuire, Maggie Mutchler, Ariel Oyler, Malania Paradis, Beau Parent, Evelyn Parr, Myah Peterson, Andrea Pifer, Thomas Rice, Mia Russo, Zachary Sams, Claire Sanders, Colin Sedon, Luke Senften, Roman Shaheen, Dru Smith, Abbey Smurdel, Emma Snyder, Natalie Stepanovich, Brooke Tallman, Aleah Unkefer, Andrew Urban, Carmyn Warren, Kate Weisbrod, Vannessa Wellman, Dylan Wolfe, Taylee Worley,Kathrin Wunchnick, and Lindsey Yocum. 

      If you are interested in becoming a member, make sure to keep your grades up and stay actively involved in the community.