Teachers experience stress too


Anna Perticarini

Teacher Miss Misbrener teaching her Honors English II students.

Sixty percent of teachers claim they are stressed. Only about 9 percent say that they never do. Being a teacher comes with so much responsibility. There is so much on the front cover of every teacher, but inside is another story. Teachers are humans too, and they deserve much more credit for the things they put up with.

Teachers seem to put in so much of their time for students. They go through so much to teach and challenge them every day. They grade the papers, prep the lessons, and tell students deadlines. They do pretty much everything for them, and there is a lot of stress that comes with it. 

Biology teacher Erin Steinmetz says stress comes with the responsibility for your student’s success. She agrees her job is stressful, but has a heart for her students and will not stop there.

“I have a lot of patience for my kids,” Steinmetz said. “You want them to do well and that is the most stressful because you want them to succeed.”

Being a teacher is a hard job and most students look up to teachers as guides or someone to talk to. Steinmetz, for instance, is a teacher at Glenoak that some students go to when they need a friend or just someone to talk to. 

“I think students deserve a good, thoughtful teacher who cares for them too,” Steinmetz said.

I think students deserve a good, thoughtful teacher who cares for them too,

— Erin Steinmetz

Of course, every job puts pressure on people. Teachers are one of these people, but sometimes it is not so much the students as it is the things that need to be done that cause stress. Teacher Kristen Misbrener says her stress can come more from grades than students.

“The main cause of stress for me as a teacher is grading and giving feedback,” Misbrener said. “It’s not exhausting, just time-consuming but I like to take my time for the student’s benefit so they can improve on their work.”

Many teachers agreed that their job is stressful. It is difficult because there are always obstacles to deal with that can cause stress. It could be something as small as making quick decisions or being mentally sharp during a lesson, even when they are not having a good day. 

“It’s hard to put up with students who don’t seem to care so much, and not getting anything back from those students is hard when you’re trying to teach them,” Misbrener said.

In the second-to-last week of the third quarter, it was “Teacher mental health week”. Teachers were able to step back from normal dress-code regulations and wear more comfortable clothes.

Anatomy and Physiology teacher Kristen Wellman says she enjoyed this week so much and a lot of other teachers as well.

Deciding what to wear in the morning is always a problem and this was jeans and spirit wear every day,” Wellman said. “Also the teachers are happier so the whole vibe in the building is happier.”

There is more to a teacher than what people see on a daily basis. Their lives are exhausting and busy just like students. They have families too but imagine grading papers on top of taking care of their families or especially themselves. 

Teacher Ben Hughes says he stresses with school, but there is always something to look forward to when the day is done.

“I can’t wait to pick up my kids from preschool and just spend time with them,” Hughes said. “I love being outside and going on walks with my wife and kids and I choose work-free weekends to disconnect from school and spend time with my family.”

Sometimes taking care of oneself is the way to keep going. Jobs can be stressful, but it is good to step out of the classroom and breathe some fresh air every so often. Teachers are people too, and they deserve some time away just like students need it to.