Bibibop serves Asian food in a Chipotle style


Lydia Ayers

Junior Lydia Ayers’ dinner with sweet potato noodles, steak, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, cheese and teriyaki sauce.

Jenna Delp and Lydia Ayers

It is February 3, 2022. You are driving through Belden Village when you see a huge line wrapped around an unfamiliar building. You take a look inside and are greeted with people buzzing over the new Bibibop asian grill. 

The new Asian Chipotle, located on Belden Village St., has a variety of different types of food including sweet potato noodles, tofu, chicken, steak, different rices, and vegetable toppings that you can add. Each meal comes with your preferred sauce, and a free bowl of Miso soup on the side. 

It is a very relaxed atmosphere inside, there are colorful plants all around and many options for seating. 

The food was great, it had a boatload of flavor, the portions you get are really good and fill you up quick, we definitely want to go back.

You first start the line on the left, similar to the well-known Chipotle in Washington Square. You begin by choosing either an option on the menu, or create your own mix. 

When creating your bowl, first, you have the option between a rice bowl, salad or roll, then you select your base, between purple rice, white rice, japchae noodles, supergreen salad, romaine lettuce, bean sprouts, sauteed potatoes or black beans. 

Next, you choose your protein, such as chicken, spicy chicken, steak or organic tofu. Then your toppings; you have the options of carrots, cheese, corn, cucumbers, eggs, moochae, sesame kale, red cabbage, kimchi and romaine lettuce. 

Finally you choose your sauce, Yum Yum sauce, sesame oil, cucumber wasabi, Gochujang, Yuzu Vinaigrette, spicy sriracha and teriyaki sauce. 

After all of that you can choose any sides including; coconut pudding, strawberry and pineapple, superseded crisp, kimchi, pineapple, protein cup or a veggie cup. Or even any of their choices of soups and drinks, you want with your order.


Jenna: Overall, the food was really good. I was not expecting the noodles to not taste like sweet potato and they tasted like normal noodles. The chicken was tender and the flavors of everything were amazing. Nothing had an artificial taste like some restaurants do, some tend to have that artificial crab that does not taste like natural fresh cracked crab out of the shell, it all tasted natural and fresh.

The colors on the inside were bright and represented the place really well. I will say the only bad thing about it was how busy it gets. The line was almost out the door when we went, but the wait was so worth it.

The pictures on the interior represented the place very well too, it gave life to the place, they had many pictures that represented the different types of food they have, same with the drinks, even just the environment and work ethic they have in there was really nice as well. 

Lydia: The whole vibe of the place was nice and clean, and I think it looked very nice and appetizing. I loved the way it was set up like Chipotle, you had options but also could pick and choose what you wanted, and create your own food. I think the bowl itself was amazing, especially the sweet potato noodles and the steak with the teriyaki sauce. The portions were very good as well, especially for the price. I got a large bowl and it was $8. The only downside was the location and its popularity. Since it is new, and located in Belden Village, it was extremely crowded. It was kind of difficult to find seating with so many people there and the line was so long but so worth it. Overall, I loved the experience and definitely will be going back soon! 

Jenna ordered the sweet potato noodles, chicken, broccoli, carrots, kimchi and yum yum sauce. It was very good, the flavors combined well and had good portions and did not have a huge after taste. Lydia ordered the sweet potato noodles, steak, potatoes, broccoli, carrots, kale, and cheese and teriyaki sauce. Everything tasted so good and nothing got soggy or mixed weird. The teriyaki sauce was amazing on everything as well.