Drama students work on makeup skills

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Freshman Devlin McGuier shows off his stage make-up. McGuier’s was one of the best in the class. McGuier used scar wax to come up with the look.

Lights. Camera. Makeup. GlenOak drama students recently had a stage makeup unit where they learned how to perfect their skills. 

Students who participated had a favorite part and a part they did not prefer about the experience. Sophomores Alexandra Salvino and Avery Meyer agreed on their least favorite part of the process. 

The removal process was my least favorite part because it took some time and it could be disappointing seeing it all go away so fast,” Salvino said.

Meyer agrees that taking the makeup off was her least favorite part, but she has a different reasoning behind it. 

“The modeling thing we used was so hard to take off and it hurt a bunch,” Meyer said.

Similar to how when you have just started a new unit in algebra or began reading Shakespeare in English, these students face their own set of challenges. Meyer explains one difficulty she had while learning about the art of stage makeup.

“(The most difficult part was) Making it look good, but for the stage and not a face to face talk,” Meyer said.

Sophomore Kam Eakle describes what was difficult for her while she was learning to improve her makeup skills.

“The hardest part was trying to match the makeup to what the teacher was showing us,”

— Eakle

Despite there being difficulties throughout this unit, the fun moments and good parts of the unit outweighed the parts of the unit that were not as good.

One of the reasons Eakle enjoyed the unit was because she was learning about something that she did not have much previous knowledge about.

“I personally don’t use makeup so it was just a fun experience for me,” Eakle said.

Another reason the unit was well liked is because of the creativity that students got to use. This is further explained by Salvino who has been in drama since the 5th grade.

“I liked being able to design my own look and bring it to life, ” Salvino said. “I also like how we were provided a kit so that we didn’t have to get it all on our own.”

No matter how many ups and downs these students had during this learning experience they continued improving while having a good time along the way.