Student council gains new advisers


Grace Flock

Left: Student Council Advisor Natalia Kellamis shows off the experiment instructions on her board for her students. Right: Student Council Advisor Hailey Hoover shows student upcoming information in their textbook.

     While Student Council is going through its normal routine, some new changes have been made to the club, such as the introduction of two new advisers. 

     These two new people are teachers Hailey Hoover and Natalia Kellamis. 

     “I knew I wanted to get involved in something extracurricular, and I thought, why not Student Council? I know the two people that had run it before and I know that they’ll help me whenever I need it,” Hoover said. 

     Hoover soon asked Kellamis if she wanted to join her in advising the club, and from there they took over. 

     A change that is being reintroduced is the student body voting for the student council officers. 

     “It was always supposed to have been the student body votes, but I don’t think they know that they can vote,” Hoover said. 

     This new change gives more inclusion to the student body.

     A change implemented within the student council is the use of a point system. 

     Instead of the 10 hours of community service required, students a part of the club have to obtain 200 points (100 per semester) instead. 

     Students can earn these with community service hours, attending meetings, and also attending school events not put on by the student council such as football games and choir concerts. 

     “You can take a pic of yourself and date and time to show you were there and then a points log on the student council website,” Hoover said. “And the Vice president will keep track of the point system.” 

     The recent changes and fast paced schedule has not slowed them down. They are on their way to planning out events such as Homecoming, Prom, Adopt-a-Family, the Blood Drive, and other community service opportunities. 

     Right now, in preparation for Homecoming, they have a committee consisting of 20 to 30 people. The head of the committee is sophomore Eden Lewis. 

     “I joined Student Council because I strongly believe that students should have a choice about the important things going on at GlenOak, and I want to be a part of that,” Lewis said. 

      Hoover and Kellamis plan on making the club more student run.

     “We want to give Student Council back to the students,” Kellamis said. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many student council activities were restricted.

     The Student Council meets on the first Thursday of every month and they are always looking for new people to join.

     Right now they have 70 people attending and more interested in coming. If you didn’t happen to catch the first meeting, there is no need to worry. You are able to email Hoover or Kellamis about joining.


We want to give Student Council back to the students,

— Natalia Kellamis