2022 GlenOak High School Hall of Fame Inductees

As the 2022 school year kicks off, GOHS H.O.F. inductees are being recognized for their work and accomplishments throughout the PLS district.


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As GlenOak students sit down to enjoy their lunch, they are surrounded by the legacies of past GOHS leaders who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to Plain Local.

Among these alumni include Keith Bucklew, Grant Giltz, Amanda Kloots, Brooklyn McDaniels, John Namey, and Ashley Zerwick to be inducted on September 15th. To be inducted into GlenOak’s H.O.F. one must be an alumni of GOHS, an outstanding member of the PLS community, and well respected with good reason.  

Professional dancer and bestselling author Amanda Kloots is set to join the GOHS Hall of Fame for her impressive accomplishments. She is not only a full-time mother but a co-host on The Talk, a Broadway actress, and a Radio City Rockette. 

Kloots has been working hard to make her dreams come true. Failure is not an option for her, and she takes her job very seriously. 

“You get told no a lot more than you get told yes. You have to come back the next day in hopes of getting told yes,” Kloots told the Eagle in an interview last year. 

Along with Kloots, Grant Giltz is being inducted for his contributions to the PLS community.

Since its purchase in 2017, Oakwood Square has become the center of town. In a previous interview Giltz explains his thought process for transforming the area. 

“Before we bought the shopping center it was dilapidated and run down. So we came up with a  plan of what Oakwood is going to look like. We put a facelift on the building, new parking lot, new roofing, ect.” Giltz said.

One of the leading women behind the scenes is Suzi Lantz, president of Plain Local Schools Foundation Board of Directors. Alongside her are Melinda Wiles and Denise Evans, who are co- chairs for the administration and put hours of work in to organize and lead fundraising events.  

“I have the privilege to be president of the board of our foundation. I serve as a volunteer and I provide leadership for the direction of where our foundation is going,” Lantz said. 

Each year a ceremony is held for the inductees to honor their accomplishments and provide   inspiration for present GlenOak students and teachers. 

GlenOak Arts students help decorate the venue and provide entertainment as a tradition. The ceremony allows students to be creative and engage with respected alumni in the community. 

For example, horticulture students provide centerpiece arrangements for each ceremony, while strings students perform for guests at the cocktail party. American Sign Language students are also in attendance to accomodate all members of the community. There is a lot of support present at the ceremony, not only for inductees but also current GlenOak students. 

“Plain Local Schools and GlenOak High School really does produce some significant people that go to the marketplace, some go into the private sector, start their own companies,”

— Suzi Lantz

“Plain Local Schools and GlenOak High School really does produce some significant people that go to the marketplace, some go into the private sector, start their own companies,” Lantz said. 

Every student has the opportunity to be great at what they do, whether that be school work, sports, clubs, or a job. The GOHS Hall of Fame gives students individuals  in their own community to look up to and inspire them to be the best they can be. The Plain Local Schools Foundation and Alumni Association has given students wings that will help them soar now and into the future.